Good job bud!
I still think it's weird hearing my name as a common noun though :-)

Also, I didn't know about certificates! Those are really cool.

@tomasino I'm gonna settle down and watch this with a beer later tonight!

@tomasino @solderpunk ohhh now I want to rewrite my gopher hole in gemini. great presentation!

@tomasino Okay, 12% Imperial Stout and a packet of crisps at the ready, let's do this!

@tomasino Nothing major, it was really great! I'm super happy you took the time to do this, thank you very much. I'm glad you grok how great client certificates are now! I really need to write some kind of super simple guide to certs...

@tomasino i will say that from watching the video i managed enough confidence to download a browser, which works, and formatted my index.gmi, made absolute and relative links.@solderpunk

Which one Christina?
I was using lr87, but lately I've been enjoying 'bollux', which is written in bash (so.. fun!) by @acdw
I liked the look of @tomasino 's choice for a gui client and it's written using qt (yay!), but I couldn't be arsed to compile it this morning.

@tomasino @solderpunk

is there a 64 linux binary? Or how much will I hate myself if I check it out?
@cosullivan @tomasino @solderpunk

@gemlog @cosullivan @tomasino @solderpunk No binaries afaik but building isn't too hard if you have qt. It might be a little fiddly though.

I used av-98, as I don't have compilers for 'making' some colour-friendly browsers.
i could try bollux. My frustration level was 6 at the outset, and stepped up and down with every unsaid expectation of the viewer's technical expertise and comfort with git and acronyms. i already had python3 so av-98 was the easiest.
i have qt5 but i could not get kristall to compile. As with everything that goes wrong in my life, i blame myself
@acdw @tomasino @solderpunk

To be fair, the days of starting every new day using linux with ./configure, make, make install are over two decades ago, so it's no surprise that you young'ns aren't use to it ;-)
I'm out of practice a bit and lazy myself.
The equivalent of ms' dll-hell was fulfilling depends.
Packaging like .deb and rpm solve this in user-land, but compiling... it can still be a bitch if you don't have the right tool chain set up.
@acdw @tomasino @solderpunk

@cosullivan @gemlog @acdw @solderpunk it took me three days before I got everything together the right way to build Kristall. Please feel no shame. Time will make all these easier

@cosullivan @gemlog @tomasino @solderpunk no shame at all! Qt's build system doesn't really make sense to me either. Lots of frustrated googling!

@gemlog i found bollux easiest to download and use via the curl method. it has colour-support, i just need to get used to th navigation commands
@acdw @tomasino @solderpunk

@acdw @cosullivan @gemlog @tomasino @solderpunk I *almost* got the qt browser to compile on macos this morning. And then *almost* got bollux to work.

In the meantime I’ll just keep shelling into tildes and using bombadillo I guess!

Oh! Good! A moose nest! I mean, "Look! there's a distraction!"
How is bollux broken on macos? I use linux, so it 'just works' out of the gate, but I'm sure acdw will be interested.

@acdw @cosullivan @tomasino @solderpunk

@gemlog @dozens @cosullivan @tomasino @solderpunk bollux does require bash 4+ so if you're using stock with Mac the version is too low. I think you can install bash 4 with homebrew but I don't know much more about it.

@tomasino @solderpunk Lovely video, old chap! I had not read that bloc quotes are in spec now. What is the trigger for that? I’m definitely going to try Krystal now.

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