Time to finally announce the big project I've been working on for the past several weeks - Sector Disk!

Sector Disk is a platform where users can own the individual, physical sectors on a 3.5" 1.44MB disk and write whatever they want to to them for people to see! :p It's like a message board on a floppy disk!

I'm officially accepting public signups starting now and accounts will officially go live starting TOMORROW @ midnight May 30th (UTC)

Please join! :D


@jebug29 my God, it's so similar to a thing I'm doing but yours is way more aesthetically awesome. I love it!

@tomasino haha thanks! It took almost an entire month's worth of coding @ v @ so I hope a lot of people get excited about it and join!

I want to see if anyone will collaborate on the whole-disk visual and maybe make something really cool d: I want to see another computer club out there fundraise enough to buy a bunch of sectors on it LOL

Or even an animated sector that advances frames every day! That'd be cool :>

@jebug29 here's the start of the thing that I'm working on (with some help from tidleverse irc peeps in various branches).


@tomasino That's so cool! I actually was thinking about doing something like that but ultimately decided on the floppy-sector thing.

Let me know when it's ready and I can join!

@jebug29 it'll be taking a back seat for me for a few weeks while i get all these work projects off my plate. I'm getting swamped, sadly.

@tomasino Oh no! That's understandable, though. Keep powering through it; you'll get there when you get there ✊

@tomasino (whoops I meant to use 💪 but forgot what it was called)

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