@tomasino have it up in a tab.
Are you doing much with gemini? Dev-wise?

@gemlog sadly, no. I wanted to get into making a server or client, but the TLS requirement has basically made it over my head. I don't know how to link to libraries for that sort of thing. I have some gemini content up, but that's it.

Thanks for making a video about gopher and sharing your knowledge. Stay safe

@tomasino webchat link is here, you were hovering over it like 3 times 😆

url is web.tilde.chat and you can pre-fill which channels to join with the ?join= query param

@tomasino Finally had a chance to sit and watch it. Thanks for making this video. This is way more than I expected... it is now more clear to me what this is all about. Very inspiring. You are also really good at explaining things! Keep it up man!

@knur thansk so much. That's awesome feedback to hear. Did you see my git video?

@tomasino I saw you posted one but haven't watched it. I will definitely watch some of your other videos in your channel.

@knur thanks! I just started doing these screen recording videos. If you have a topic you'd like me to explore just say the word. It's fun.

@tomasino Amazing video! You covered so much in such a small amount of time. I really appreciate this. It is a useful wealth of resources. You pointed out some things I will come back to soon in my #waffle gopher client. Thank you.

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