I made popcorn tonight on the stove top. My wife is in awe because:

1. She didn't know you could make popcorn on the stove top (she only knew of microwave and movie theatre machines)
2. She didn't know I could make it (despite it being very easy)
3. I've not made it for her once in the last decade (Oops)

Anyway, I highly recommend eating popcorn with chopsticks. I've been doing it since my teens and I can't praise it enough. You'll take your time and enjoy it more.

@tomasino Do you fancy coating your popcorn with any goo or spices? I am a toffee addict, so daren't make popcorn with it around.

@Shufei @tomasino My adopted mother is Hungarian. Paprika on EVERYTHING.

@tomasino @Shufei Never tried it on French fries. I'll have to give that a whirl.

@xmanmonk @Shufei we bake our fries by tossing them in olive oil with salt and paprika, then baking at 200°C for 10-12 minutes. I'm not sure if paprika would be as good after they are cooked or not. Hmm

@tomasino @xmanmonk @Shufei paprika has a smoke point that's kinda low and then it will go bitter. better to add paprika after

@feld @xmanmonk @Shufei I was unaware of the smoke point, but we have good luck with it in our baking. We use it on chicken a lot as well. Yummy

@tomasino @xmanmonk @Shufei I can't find specifics at the moment, this is the best i can give you

> When using Paprika, its important to remember that it has a high sugar content and will therefore burn easily.

@xmanmonk @Shufei our oven cooks really fast. That used to take 25-30 min in our old house. No idea why.

Also, blanch the fries first then dry them well before tossing in oil for a crispy exterior.

@Shufei I use butter and salt, personally. We have a ranch shaker now and I'm sure my wife will want creative explorations, but I like it simple. I also prefer vanilla ice cream. So... 🤷‍♂️

@tomasino What’s a ranch shaker? Ranch sauce and Sri racha on it sounds like a good idea...

@tomasino Awwwwww! Oh, that is so cute! Awwwwww! It looks delicious to my tummy.

@amsomniac @tomasino I tried this once! It’s not bad, really. But I’ve no notion where to get it?

@tomasino No thanks, I will continue eating them one at a time by putting my tongue in the bowl so they stick to it

@ieure @tomasino We appear to have gotten to both ends of the popcorn hygiene spectrum.

@tomasino we only do stovetop! And I have an amazing sriracha popcorn recipe that uses A LOT of butter!

@RaeYcrep well now you teased it... i gotta know the recipe!

@tomasino when I am not tucked in bed I shall pass it on!


Also highly recommend seasoning home made popcorn with salt, nutritional yeast, and paprika as a mix.

@RussSharek i have yeast for making bread. Like, active dry yeast. I'm guessing that's not the same?


I always make popcorn this way. Moved from US to Hungary, took me over a month to find where to buy it. Store clerks (all 20-somethings) kept looking at me weird, telling me they'd never heard of such a thing. "In a pot? On the stove? That actually works?"

Now, if I could just find a decent pizza here...

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