I'm reading Brave New World and honestly not caring for it at all.


I read it a few years ago -- then listened to an audiobook of it recently to, like, try audiobooks -- I kept zoning out and missing big chunks and not being able to scrub back to where I was, so I just gave up and missed half of it -- and honestly that was fine by me....

@kirch it's quite tedious and so eye-rollingly british-colonialist. I keep waiting for something to happen.

@tomasino me too, actually! the concept must have been mind blowing to people but i find the writing to be an incredible chore

@tomasino It never got anywhere near my read-again list 😜

@tomasino I finished it when I read it a few years ago. It was... okay. I thought it was an interesting concept saddled with meh writing and pacing. It was a letdown since I had heard a lot of high praise.

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