You know when there's a new movie coming out and you really want it to be good? I call that your wish power, and in my head it's a finite resource.

Coming up are some really epic projects. Foundation. Rick Moranis coming out of retirement for a heart-wrenchingly personal Honey I Shrunk the Kids sequel. A Wheel of Time series.

But I'm refusing to spend any of my wish power on that stuff, no matter how cool it is. 100% is going to the new Dune. It better fucking rock.

@tomasino Wait. Hold the phone. Foundation? As in Asimov? Because if my girl Arkady is going to get a film I may actually have to watch Hollywood again...

I’m less optimistic on Dune. I don’t see how this generation, poisoned by torture porn and cyberpunk, can do right by Herbert. That was a fundamentally 1970’s work. Jodorosky or no one for me.


@tomasino Gaal Dornick! R. Daneel Olivaw! This is set in the Forward the Foundation era! This had better be well done or I will have a come apart and become one of those fanatics who shows up protesting in Foundation cosplay.

I always liked the Johnson and Boswell dynamic with Hari and Gaal. Oh, grand. Please let this be oldschool and not 21st centurified. PLEEEEAAASE don’t let them.

@Shufei nope, it's gonna suck. They're gonna Disney-fy it and probably add anachronistic cursing. And I'm okay with that... as long as Dune rocks

@Shufei but I guess in your favor is how well treated See is. There's some decent show running going on with Apple shows.

@tomasino Nooooo... Nooo, please, why do you think it’s going to be Disneyfied? Nooooooo... I can’t take it if they botch up my Asimov. I just can’t take it. I will check out of mainstream culture altogether.

You don’t understand. To nerd girls of a certain age... Foundation is sacred. Second Foundation. Robots and Empire. Robots of Dawn. Solaris. Foundation and Earth. Gaia. Please don’t let them mess that up with Marvel Hollywood malarkey. (Begins sobbing). 🥺

@Shufei they're gonna cast Zendaya as Wanda. Just you wait

@tomasino You are a sick, cruel man. No one is playing my Wanda Seldon. No one but ME. Meeeeeeee!

O.o (twitches, puts her fingers in her ears)

Lalalalalalala. Lalalalalalala. I’m back on Trantor with papa in the great library. Lalalalalala.

@tomasino @Shufei huh, I wonder how I missed this news... Same with the #Dune film.

Then again, I've tried reading #IsaacAsimov's #Foundation series twice I think, after enjoying the #RobotCity series and #Nemesis, but couldn't get through the first book of Foundation... maybe I should give it another try. :)

@FiXato @Shufei the time skipping forward by big chunks is tough. You get to know characters and then you have to get to know all new ones

@tomasino @FiXato Yes, but then they come back again. The Robots, Empire, and Foundation arc is huge, epic, and utterly beyond the skill of this era’s anemic lack of imagination to put on any screen.

@FiXato @tomasino The first book was a lark he wrote for cash, I feel. He opened up Ed Gibbon and just changed names. The second and third get going. Get to Arkady. She is the best character he ever wrote.

I’m an even odder duck in that I’m more a fan of his later books, with the New Age themes. Forward, Prelude, Foundation and Earth... It pains the heart he didn’t survive to write a Galaxia book, or one with R. Daneel as intersex cyborg prophet of Galaxia.

Yea, later Asimov is a trip.

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