Kinda digging n8n. It's nice having a self hosted zapier-like thing

@tomasino oh hey I was looking for something exactly like that forever ago. ill have to check it out thanks

@tomasino What are you using it for? Right now I do not have use-cases for it, but I had in the past and always use either zapier or ITTF or whatever is called

@knur so far just novelty. I'm extracting the NASA image of the day, adding the title of the image as text IN the image, then shooting it into a folder on dropbox. I was going to set up my machine to pull random BGs from that folder.

There's nice github/gitlab integration, so I'll probably do something with that next. Also, I'm using harmonizely for meeting scheduling and I think I can plug those in together too.

@tomasino That looks cool. I might try it out if I can get Mastodon working with it.

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