I still can't figure out how to follow a user on a remote instance of pixelfed. I'm on SDF's instance and I'm trying to follow @mecinus 's pixelfed account, but when I copy & paste his full URL into SDF's search, it just says nothing found. Am I doing something wrong?

@tomasino @mecinus

AFAIK following between remote instances doesn't work at all, and federation between Mastodon and Pixelfed is intermittent (but has got better recently).

Presumably this is being looked into.

@tomasino @mecinus

I've never been able to follow any remote user through the searchbar from pixelfed.social and even searching via Mastodon is inconsistent (sometimes pixelfed users appear, sometimes they don't).

@vfrmedia @mecinus I dropped a question about it into the IRC chan. We'll see if anything comes of it. It's my #1 feature. Without federated follows I'm not sure I see much point.

@liaizon @vfrmedia @mecinus I tried the full URL with https, without https. I reformatted it into @user@domain. I tried user@domain (without a leading @). Nada.

@tomasino @liaizon @mecinus

I got it to work on pixelfed.social with the full https:// URL, but this is not something you would normally think to do as it isn't required elsewhere on the Fediverse..

@vfrmedia I was able to follow @tomasino and he shows up in my following list, but his images don't show up in my timeline.

@tomasino If I type @mecinus omn the web interface I get the account on the search results and I can follow from there

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