I am on Ubuntu. I used to use Clementine for music until it started stopping randomly between tracks for no reason. I switched to Rhythmbox and it's much nicer, but having only a single music library location is a problem for me. I keep Albums in one place, but my personal mixes in a totally different sync folder.

I need a good music player that won't screw with my files, allows multiple source folders, and offers some decent shuffle/sort/crossfade stuff on Linux.

Whatcha got for me?

cursed and wrong 

cursed and wrong 

cursed and wrong 

@tomasino Quod Libet is a featureful nice little player, guess it might have the options you need.

@tomasino I've been using qmmp for a while, mainly because the UI is friggin pretty as hell. It's not stacked on features, but it's got everything I've ever needed it to do, and I haven't run into any issues with it.

Before that I used deadbeef, which perhaps has a bit more functionality (custom plugins, etc). I do wish it was a little more user-friendly... That's somewhat excusable with the amount of configurability though.

@tomasino Web based, but you have to run your own (Python2 based) server process:

Yeah, for hackers only...

@professor this is pretty! trying it out now. It seems like it has all my desired features.

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