Making tagliatelle for the Thanksgiving pasta. It will be a mushroom & spinach arrabbiata, yum! We're also making lamb, garlic mashed cauliflower, sweet potato, artichoke heart salads, assorted fruits and slutty brownies for the dessert.

Yes we're in Iceland and Thanksgiving isn't a thing here, but we're not much for "celebrating" colonial treatment of indigenous Americans anyway. So let there be friends and food and that be enough.

@tomasino I stopped respecting the school-taught origins of the day, and usually just go with the spirit of it. No clue what to rename it, though.

@codebalion @tomasino I still have no idea why people aren't taught that Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed as a national holiday by President Lincoln during the Civil War.

@tomasino In Canada, Thanksgiving is merely a harvest festival. The first celebration of Thanksgiving in North America occurred during the 1578 voyage of Martin Frobisher from England, in search of the Northwest Passage.
You could call today "þakkargjörðarhátíð" (and teach me how to pronounce that!)

@cosullivan þakkargjörðarhátíð - thah-car-gyur-thar-how-teeth with emphasis on the first syllable

@tomasino does your smartphone default to an Icelandic keyboard? I texted a friend in Newfoundland and was delighted to see the accent aigu for Montréal autocomplete. I don't text in French but i do use its characters on occasion.

@cosullivan I'm on Android and have the US and IS keyboards toggle with a button next to the space bar. Sometimes the autocorrect gets confused and switches languages on me

got a recipe for that garlic mashed cauliflower? I'm usually not really one for cauliflower, though I can appreciate properly roasted or stir-fried ones, but it sounds interesting enough to try.

thanks! :) Do you add the garlic before or after cooking the potatoes?

@FiXato We do it after when everything is hot. Just chop it up really fine or use a press and stir it in

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