As the official spokesperson of Generation X, I just want to quickly let all the , , gen-zs, and so on know that you guys can take over everything as soon as its convenient. We applaud your dismissal of boomers and want to preemptively agree that we're terrible at everything. Seriously, we've known that our whole lives. It's nothing new.

Just do the things and fix the shit.

Thx! 💕

@tomasino As a 51 year old Millennial (I checked one of those "50 reasons millenials are ruining everything" pages and 48 of them are things I've done for my entire life, so apparently I am one) I would like to say "Not until these loud Millennials stop acting like Boomers, blaming other groups for thing being bad and refusing to listen to them."

Seriously, I'm sick of that type of stench-ridden mammal excrement. It's been going on far too long and if they're going to bring change, I'd like it to... you know.


Rather impressed with the group AFTER the millenials who seem to have the attitude of "this shit be fucked up, yo, let's fix it instead of whining, blaming, and yelling"

Anyway, just letting you know as a 51 year old millennial, since you know, most folks would put me in that 'gen-X' group and I do my own speaking thank you very much.

@tomasino Psst. You know they can't tell us apart from boomers, and will have us up against the wall to be shot just as quickly, right?

@murph @tomasino

Ah, how well I remember the summer of '89. Kurt Cobain and the Beatles playing Woodstock and Lollapalooza, Tim Burton's Batman and the first season of Star Trek on our brand new colour TVs, and Apollo 11 landing on the Berlin Wall.

Never will be a decade like that again.

@tomasino this is the GenXiest thing I've ever read. Like, it's dizzying how fast the attempt at sincere positivity & hopefulness collides with self-loathing and defeatist apathy, resulting in the entitled expectation that sometime else will carry out the revolution on your behalf

That may sound like harsh criticism coming from a stranger, but my point is that to the extent you're trying to channel the voice of an entire generation: Bravo, 5/5 stars

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