Hey new mastodon users. A lot of us won't follow you back unless you have posted before and have an avatar. Otherwise you look like a bot.

So, if you're getting started try dropping an post in there first before you start clicking that "follow" button a bunch.

@tomasino I want to add to this that personally I like if you've
1. Interacted with me (I personally prefer posting, but sometimes faves work)
2. Filled out your profile!!!!

I have my account locked, and part of why some people don't get approved is because they don't interact and I can't figure out why they'd be interested in following me (so I don't know if they're following me in good faith).

I'm mentioning this because I don't think I'm alone in this.

Please have fun in the fediverse!

@tomasino and use the tag #newhere, which has been the tag for introductions for years.
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