Hey new mastodon users. A lot of us won't follow you back unless you have posted before and have an avatar. Otherwise you look like a bot.

So, if you're getting started try dropping an post in there first before you start clicking that "follow" button a bunch.

@tomasino I want to add to this that personally I like if you've
1. Interacted with me (I personally prefer posting, but sometimes faves work)
2. Filled out your profile!!!!

I have my account locked, and part of why some people don't get approved is because they don't interact and I can't figure out why they'd be interested in following me (so I don't know if they're following me in good faith).

I'm mentioning this because I don't think I'm alone in this.

Please have fun in the fediverse!

@tomasino Two nicer things about this place: one its less frenetic. And I havent received any rudeness so far. If you are all bots inluding me. if it aint broke dont fix it. From time to time the other site would ask for telephone contact to prove who i am. Once had to send a copy of my passport page to the facebook to keep the account. So ill pass for now. Cant they make bots that create an avatar and make a post?

@DesCoutinho oh certainly, but many don't bother. When I get a follow notification I click on the person and check a few basics to see if I want to follow back:

1) is it obviously a bot. If so, cool. bots do great work in the fediverse for promoting federation. I won't be following it back, though.

2) Does this person ever speak a language I can understand? If not, I don't follow back.

3) Do they talk about things that are going to cause me anxiety or other issues? If so, I don't follow.


@tomasino Ah the stuff they don't teach at you school in my case because the internet didn't exist then and very few chaps had computers

@DesCoutinho it's fine. Masto is pretty chill and forgiving of new people as we've had several mass immigration waves in the past. My advice:

- add an avatar, even if it's just a random picture of a flower or something. Anything is better than nothing.

- Don't sealion -

- If you're talking about something thay you know will offend someone or cause anxiety, drop it behind a content warning ouf of politeness. Politics, nudity, that sort of thing.


4) Does the person talk about things of interest to me? Definitely follow. If not obvious, then I might follow anyway if they're not just serial boosters.

If the account is blank, I just assume bot and move on. If the person later starts posting a bunch of interesting things and finishes their profile, I may never notice it. I don't get another notifacation later on, and I already follow nearly 1000.

Having something to react to before following helps

@DesCoutinho and if I make a false assumption and follow someone that turns out to be a bot or shares stuff i don't care to see, I just unfollow (or report). Easy peasy.

I'm less concerned with accidentally following bots than missing good people because they seem like bots.

@tomasino So while you have time what is the effect of follow and follow back. What does it do in terms of what you see here?

@DesCoutinho When you follow someone they appear on your home timeline. That's the most "twitter-like" timeline we have on mastodon. You pick what's there. Their boosts of others will also appear there, though you can disable that under the gear icon in that column.

If you follow back, bam, easy communication long-term. It's easy to have give & takes.

@tomasino Ok the last one is a bit scary it's like agreeing to be best friends with someone you have a blind date with. Prolly just my age. I think I'll prolly get sidelined here but I'm old and slow and sidelined is fast enough for me thanks for the help mind nobody explains the basic stuff. I think you mean that people should put trigger warning before they say things that might cause upset but I don't think I've seen anything like that yet here apart from the sensitive content on photos

@DesCoutinho each instance has a different vibe for that sort of thing. Some are extremely sensitive and have specific policies on content warnings. Others not so much. Federation complicates what you'll see, but it mostly applies to the local timeline.

Some people will content warning selfies with eye contact because it's uncomfortable for many with autism. Just do your best and it'll be fine. Plenty of older folks around here.

@tomasino Pretty sure sensitive content means this is a photo of a cat. If I find something pretty I'll try to work out how to upload a photo of it. Presume its in preferences and idiot proof.

@DesCoutinho left hand column, right above where you toot is your username. Under it is "Edit profile". You can do it in there.

@DesCoutinho the local timeline is special since that's just traffic on your personal instance. When people come to Mastodon they usually flock to one of the big instances first, like .social like you're on. That's fine and a great way to get exposure, but you are in a very large crowd. Smaller instances that align with your interests create really intimate communities. SDF is one such.

It's very normal for people to have multiple fediverse accounts because of this, or to hop around at first.

@tomasino I think maybe later on I'll try to find an instance about Indian politics and current events where you hear news first maybe. But I'll wait. Thanks again I do appreciate it. I dunno things used to be really different. And I never really fitted in then either. Take care now Sir

@DesCoutinho best of luck and don't sweat it. If you do decide to instance hop later, ping me. There's some tools in mastodon to make that very easy.

@tomasino and use the tag #newhere, which has been the tag for introductions for years.
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