I need a character name. Something from Bosnia or the surrounding area, but not a common name. Gender doesn't matter. Bonus if the name has a negative connotation from history but it's still in use.

@tomasino @kyzh Slobodan (m, maybe too on the nose? Not common in Bosnia or Croatia, though), Marica (f)


Do you need only first name?


Some of those names can be triggering to some relatives of the victims of war crimes.


For less heavy contexts see


Marshal Titan
Marshal Titanic
Marshal T. Tow
Milo C. Witch (or B!tch) LOL
I unfortunately only heard of famous tyrants, dictators from the former Yugoslavia
R there any famous ones who r nice?
Well in the late 80s, Medjugorje became very famous esp. to predominantly Catholic countries like the Philippines... apparntly the BVM appeared to 3(?) teens & eventually became known as the Our Lady of Medjugorje. Kind of like the eastern European vers of the Fátima

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