@dmoonfire I tried /feed /atom /rss /feed.xml /atom.xml but not /feed/rss.xml. Thank you!

@dmoonfire i was on mobile and being lazy. :) Now that I look again, it's in the menu with an orange icon that's not labeled, but not listed with a <link rel=alternate tag.

@tomasino Nothing wrong with lazyweb searches. :) We're all in this together.

@tomasino Also, depending on your feed reader, it will do the same. I know Newsblur will scan the page for feeds if you just paste in the main page. I think Feedly also do that.

@tomasino It's hidden behind a button onclick event, but if you use "view source" and CTRL+F for "rss" you'll find the following URL: <datagenetics.com/feed/rss.xml>.

@tomasino Would this do?
I couldn't detect any RSS feeds on the site, either. But this's the source I got when following it from theoldreader.com.

@Mayana @tomasino I did... but it was hidden behind a silly left-hand javascript menu... which opens if you click their logo.

Which is ... not... what I expected that to do when I clicked on it.

(It's even labeled the way you'd expect, with the rss icon... I REALLY don't understand their design decision behind hiding the menu...)

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