Wow, for the first time in all my years on Goodreads I haven't read a single one of the books up for best of the year in any category. I'm in place to have read 100 books this year but none of these. Huh.

@tomasino Heh. i managed _Paper Girls, Vol 5_ and that's all from 2019. Our bookcases are full and yet do not hold ALL our holdings, plus I have access to eight library systems (nine if you count, and a lengthy GR TBR list. I'll leave it to those with ample time ahead to get to those 'fresh' titles.

@tomasino That reminds me of when I was doing a panel of "Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy". I ended up reading/watching and reviewing fifty different books, movies, and comics about it to prepare.

Not a single one came up on the panel. I had read the wrong fifty and it was probably one of the most embarrassing pitons of my life. :)

@dmoonfire that's amazing! It's frustrating but also great. It's great that you were able to read 50 books and there were still so many more out there that people wanted to discuss.

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