The soundtrack at the beginning of the film is amazing. We stayed recently at a cool hostel in Japan where the owner loves his country's music and indigenous music.

@tomasino Mothra deserves to be in, too. I heart Mothra, and Gamera, friend to all children.

@snowdusk_ @tomasino Mothra can drop any kaiju into a volcano. And she has the two fairies to commune with who sing to her hymns.

@Shufei Gamers is my fav good guy. Gamera 3 especially. It's great!

Hedorah is my #1 bad guy. When Wit was a baby he couldn't remember Hedorahs name and so decided to call it "the Smooze". So that's it's name in our house forever.


@tomasino That is a great name, Smooze.

I’m hoping you all have another show someday and talk about kaiju.

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