Gitlab put a halt on their telemetry integration in the wake of the outcry. Too late for many, but at least they're paying attention.

@tomasino I don't mind telemetry in some cases but the way they offered was very... demanding. I'm guessing they were putting it in because of the frequent breaks lately or people cracking their code to get EE features. As a few product, I was willing to accept it even though I wish paid for customers could turn it off.

@tomasino Sadly, in this age, it might be too late. I hope they can pull out of this, though. We need more competition, not less.

@codebalion agreed. I think the biggest derp move for them was forcing it on self-hosted instances. There's a reason those people aren't hosting on someone elses cloud.

@tomasino Yeah. There was no possible legitimate reason for it, being practically akin to embedding spyware in the product. No one would want that, which makes me thing it was someone in management that made the decision. Any actual dev would have torn down that idea in a heartbeat.
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