I stumbled my way into an Instagram area filled with memes that weren't for me. In this case it was big trucks and custom... truck things. I don't even know what to call it.

There I was, swiping through page after page of images and text. Thousands of likes glittered before me. Comments laughing and agreeing that it's "so true!" One post was just a picture of a truck and the caption, "when you tell the shop to make it look like it's named Kyle." But why Kyle?

All geekdom is wonderful

@tomasino What was the make and model of the Kyle truck? Do you recall?


@Shufei it was big and white. Best I can do with my knowledge

@tomasino That one is going to puzzle me. What does “Kyle” mean in mainstream American (?) connotation?

@tomasino Does it have a slang usage known to you like “Chad” now does from incels?

@Shufei I'm not familiar with any "Kyle" things like Chad. Maybe it's truck culture specific

@tomasino Could be. These are big semi-tractors? Industrial lorries?

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