I've long held that my personal sexuality is irrelevant because I'm married. I'm married-sexual, as it were. But that ignores the help it can do to share publicly with others who may struggle with the fear of being different.

I have considered myself bisexual since high school, have had relationships with men and women and married a woman. I guess these days I'd have to amend that to being pan since trans people are sexy as hell too. Never dated one though.

Thanks @nydel for inspiring this

@tomasino @nydel good point.

I think the increased (at least from my perspective) open dialog around sexuality has been incredibly constructive and has shed light on a lot of tangential aspects of human life as well.

As we continually learn (and continually forget), we are complex creatures, and that’s probably why we’re still here.

@tomasino thank you so much for sharing, i’ve been unknowningly waiting for someone married to address this. you rock.

Thanks for sharing @tomasino, I agree married-sexual should make the question irrelevant, but personally everyone has their own experience. To be willing and able to share it freely is a gift.

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