I'm thinking of starting a new radio show on and that is IRC/Chat based Quizzo. If there were a group quiz radio program, would you participate?

@tomasino I ought to put “yes, but please don’t (only) use irc.”

Sounds like a lovely notion!

@Shufei I'd like to keep the "team" orientation of quizzo, and I couldn't think of a very good way to facilitate that with Mastodon. But, that's sort of why I put that last option in. If there's lots of Yes, but... responses I'll have to come prepared with some alternatives.

Since I'll be interacting more with people's answers than in my last show, juggling lots of chat windows is going to get tricky. I'll try to minimize it as best I can.

@tomasino Yes, that makes sense, even without teams. Pick a forum and stick to it.

@cosullivan @tomasino Oh, thank you, though now I’m nervous. 🤭
I don’t know Only Connex. Is it very fast?

@Shufei Episodes are open to global viewing on YouTube. The "wall" (third stage) is very fast. Only Connect is about lateral thinking.
A website of OC-related 'walls' to solve solo at home:

@cosullivan @tomasino @Shufei I would love to be on the Christina/Shufei team. If they'd have me. Wow, what a formidable pair!

@xmanmonk @cosullivan @tomasino It sounds fun... I hope I can contribute, though I’m afraid my recall and associative perspicacity have a pretty steep time cliff before I get flustered and start with inchoate squeaking and squawking. I’d like to hear more as Tomasino builds a framework to execute.

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