Solar radio has a tiny array that can't power it's internal speaker (have to crank), but it does fine piping output to an external speaker. So I rigged that up to a different solar panel! Works great even on this rainy overcast day.

@tomasino Hi tomasino.
Yes, I read somewhere that full sun vs overcast doesn't make as much of a difference as one would think. It's there, but much less of a drop than I thought.

@gemlog it's really cool being able to run some things off grid. One of my portable panels can power my pinebook perpetually. That was a lot of Ps

@tomasino Beyond minding your P's and Q's, hows tricks over there in sunny Reykjavik? Do you see much of Bjarny? Is the school and your apt finished now complete? How's work? Wife and Wit?
I'm behind in news not seeing you in com on sdf during the intergalactic wasabi mix!

@tomasino This looks good! What is the solar panel powering the speaker??

@Luke not sure if it's "powering" or just extending the life of a few turns of the crank. It's still going, though.

@Luke oh, totally misread your question! Haha, that's is FlexSolar from Smart Sun 9 Plus, or something like that. I'll grab pics and a link.

@Luke Looks like it had a few different names. I backed it on Indygogo a while back but here's the same thing on kickstarter:

@tomasino Awesome thanks. I always assume small solar panels like that won't be powerful enough to charge things properly.

@Luke I have two solar units that are really impressive. This is one and the weather proofing makes it get a lot of use. The other is my Solar Scroll ( It may charge even faster, but it's a little more fragile when opened. When collapsed it's about the size of a small umbrella, so fits nicely in a laptop bag.

@Luke jeez, just reading the comments on these two projects and it's a nice reminder i never want to do crowdfunding. I consider both of these fantastic successes. They delivered on their promised product and not overwhelmingly late. But wow... the negativity.

@Luke maybe there's just a big disconnect for people getting in to crowdsourcing. They're presented an interface that looks like you're buying a product, not funding R&D that might work out. It's just frustrating that even when it works out well (for that process) people can be so negative.

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