Anyone have a microfiche reader? Anyone own microfiche? Anyone know how to make microfiche?

@tomasino heh, the only real 150 year+ method of archiving beyond stone tablets that work.

@ajroach42 craving one hard. Nowhere to put it, no way to get it here, but

@tomasino Want or need?

You can find them at libraries.

There's probably a microfiche scanner for computers....

@dredmorbius i haven't seen a microfiche reader at a library in over a decade. Does your still have them? That's wonderful

@tomasino *Some* do, generally larger city librariess or research libraries, with newspaper or NTIS archives on fiche or film. You may have to call around.

@tomasino Oh, and there are portable microfiche readers:

(I'm finding this question compelling for some reason, clearly.)

@dredmorbius I wonder if I could mod one of those viewmasters ... hmmm

@tomasino I never spent much time viewing microfiche, but have spent months reading old newspapers on microfilm. Sometimes the constant horizontal scrolling makes me carsick lol.

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