Remember how I was bitching about how Steam is useless on Ubuntu? Well, here's the latest. I finally broke down and went to the store to buy a new controller in xbox style since that's what everything wants to work with. Got home, tried it out on a GOG game real quick, nice. Went to steam.... nada.

Apparently is USED to work on Steam. Now I get to waste the rest of my night messing with config BS instead of relaxing playing a game.

@tomasino Check the workaround in the comment on October 28, 2018. Hopefully that'll get you back up and running quickly

@trebach yeah, the comments on that thread got me through it. It's just so frustrating. The system read the device just fine. Why does Steam have to be a dummy on top of that?

@tomasino That's the Linux experience! It's for people without big enough lawns to keep a Trans-Am up on blocks, not for daily driving.

Not really the Linux experience. But sure is where Ubuntu has been sitting for a couple years.


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