@tomasino Gah! Dkiejwnwjsjjendjejensnshhwhwhsurhryudjssjsjs... 💕💕💕💕🌸🌸💕💕


Or do you know another way to write, say in pico, so one needn’t cut and paste escape codes every line?

(The second directory link crashed my iOS client, weirdly. Sigh...)

@Shufei the "colors" link tries to output 256 color codes in their respective color. I can see it being a problem for some clients, yeah.

I'll copy my content up to a git repo soon so you can inspect the silliness

@tomasino Thank you! I am looking at it and even think I know how it works. So a Agent looks at gopher and a cgi index serves a gophermap and bash script defines colours. That’s crazygonuts! No doubt it is naughty to purists. But I think it’s simply gorgeous!

@tomasino How come you chose h, l, n etc. For your colour tags?

Do you reckon this colour cgi will work if expanded, like I reckoned to make a 16 colour version to at least do xterm rainbow per line easily. Is that alright?

What do you call this bash cgi whatsit?

Sorry to spam, but this is very cute.

@Shufei most modern terms can give you 256 color but true color is trickier. The "colors" page well give you the codes for each of the 256 if you want to play. As for my function naming, it was just me moving quickly. Nothing is well named. Hah

@tomasino Haha, no, I meant 16 colours. Not 16 millions. 256 is a befuddling plethora to my plebeian tastes.

I actually had heaps trouble getting terminal colours going on my systems for a while because often the xterm256 (sic?) bit isn’t flipped by default or isn’t transmitted by ssh by default etc. I suppose it is not important for most. But I like to have a pretty rainbow cowsay!

@Shufei oh yeah, you can do 16 colors but beware. When people customize their terminal colors those are usually what they change. When I colorize output I want to look a certain way I try to avoid the first 16

@Shufei if you want a rainbow you can run your copy through lolcat -f (the switch is important)

@tomasino Ooooohhh, it is a cute lil bash script! Wow, thanks heaps! (Reads)

@tomasino Why do these coders like go so much? I have played with it and it is cute. Is it especially good for gopher?

@Shufei it's pretty quick and has friendly tooling. I've not pocket it up yet but it seems good

@tomasino Ringading dillo, Tom bombadillo!

How did I never know of any of these before? What is wrong with me? And good for colour! Please never hold out such tasty toasties from me. Thanks heaps!

@tomasino Also, the purists can go hide in their deepholes and grumble. Colour Gopher is lovely. Thanks for your site.

I think I need to do this soon. I had an idea that the first map would have an option for colour or vanilla version, so no one is uPsEt.

@dirtycommo @tomasino If you find another client which displays the colour codes aside from VF-1, please let me know? If more folks do this, I’d like to have a list of colour gopherholes and tools going so people can find them easily and the snobs know who to blame.

@dirtycommo @tomasino Better fools than us have tried! Gopher+ is now abandoned and reviled as a pretender. But apparently Gopher Colour may yet have legs, as it’s not a sPeCiFiCaTiOn enhancement per se, but just a content enhancement. It has been poo-pooed from on high regardless, apparently. But I’m ever so glad to see them what have skills make it a reality.

What tasty toasties would you fancy to develop in gopher, FW?

@Shufei @dirtycommo I like to push boundaries in gopher and do things that break things. Others like to stick to protocol purity. I don't see much point in that. What is it defending? What purpose does it serve? Clients have grown and adapted and that's pretty neat.

@tomasino @dirtycommo I try to be sympathetic. There is an undeniable charm to the elegance (or laconic terseness) of Gopher. And there is some golden age nostalgia mingling with a rightful fear of what the Web has become. But somehow I doubt Faceborg will be swamping Gopherspace any time soon. And some of the filetypes in gopher are pretty stale. So a Gopher++ wouldn’t be a bad idea. And why not have fun with it?

@tomasino @dirtycommo Can you please explain to me, perchance, the whole “we don’t need a secure gopher because you can just put it behind Tor” idea to me? I seriously am trying to understand how that secures gopher. How would Gopher best work with TLS?

@Shufei @dirtycommo tor has built in end-to-end encryption too hidden services. It's only when you hit public services that content travels in the clear from the exit node to the server. If gopher servers run a hidden service you're covered

@tomasino @dirtycommo I didn’t know that, thanks heaps! But how can one authenticate as particular user? What if one wants one’s own key?

@Shufei @dirtycommo the keys are generated new for each session and can be tossed and regenerated on the fly to provide a new identity. Tor browser has this built into the UI. Tor is about granting anonymity, so tying it to a specific user key doesn't really align with that ideal.

You can still authenticate into your servers the same way you normally would, but tor just masks the connection in an encrypted, multi-hop route.

@tomasino @dirtycommo But I mean that gopher itself can’t authenticate. Sorry, still trying to grok: So let’s say you had a GopherMessages system which served Gophermaps and content to particular users. I see Tor makes a nice tunnel, but not that gopher itself can authenticate a user. Maybe cgi handling results from a password in the query fields? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a beast.

@Shufei @dirtycommo if you want to get silly, selectors don't need to be file paths. you could start a session with a new user and dynamically serve them follow-up links that encode that session id in the selector. Then, as they go through, your server would know each unique user in their journey. There's no protection from others jumping in if they can guess the id, though.

@Shufei @dirtycommo @solderpunk has a list of gopher clients linked on his stuff. We should run through and check!

@Shufei @tomasino This is nice, but can we should use something else like IRC Ctrl-C convention to carry color info and not terminal codes?

@saper @Shufei of you make a client that expects markup for color we can use it. The nice thing about ansi codes is they accidentally work in a number of clients. Haha

@tomasino @saper Yes, and especially simple as many times people read gopher via ssh, as I do. It’s quite nice like bbs. But there ought to be a terser way of coding colour like IRC, especially since the escapes swallow up linespace for more intricate colour ASCII art in gophermaps.

@Shufei @saper you're absolutely right. @cat was the first person I ever saw use color in a gopher hole (credit to him for the silly idea) and it was an absolute mess to look at the source. That's why I settled on doing a line-based wrapper function.

Normally I use tput instead of escape sequences, but I couldn't get tput to output in a way that was preserved in the files. Maybe it has a force option like lolcat?

@tomasino @saper @cat I came up with the silliness a few years ago and started spamming 1337 gopherpeople to see if it was feasible because love the ASCII art in Chinese bbs. But I haven’t even actually made one yet, so am just psyched them who can make it happy actually nibbled.

So I see... simpler notation in the map, then transcoded as tput seta(f/b) by a script... It’s a nifty idea, but diminishes efficiency returns unless a small pallete, maybe like in a jpg, is first specified, yes?

@tomasino Site is down? I’m testing it out in cgo via ssh.

@Shufei whole server is down. Admin had a botched upgrade. He's working on a new build, then I'll restore it

@Shufei luckily pink isn't my box, but I'll pass on the sentiment to tiwesdaeg. My gopher content is in git, so once he's running again I'll just clone it back down.

@tomasino So I gather Tiwesdæg speaks Anglo-Saxon. Another good one to compare to the Icelandic.

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