got a cease and desist let from ChooseCo, so sadly we're stopping the show and removing the web archives. If you want to listen to the historic stuff you can hit up my gopher hole.

Thanks to all the eager listeners each week. Maybe after the move I'll revisit a show under a new name.

Very sorry to hear that... you'd think they'd welcome people promoting their #CYOA products, but I guess they aren't replayable enough after one has listened to a single playthrough?

@FiXato they weren't really concerned with the show. It was more about the advertising and having stuff in writing. From what I can tell it's fallout from Bandersnatch. ChooseCo is sueing Netflix for 25+mil for using CYOA without permission. Part of copyright legal battles is showing that you are regularly enforcing the sanctity of your brand. Thus... the little guy gets a very nice email asking him to remove stuff.

@tomasino I think this is conflating trade mark law and copyright law but it doesn’t matter too much right now.

@tomasino damn, what're the chances that an underground radio show gets hit like this

@cdmnky I should have know it would happen now. 29 episodes of me spending absolutely nothing on the show and everything is fine. I buy a mic to make it sound better, BAM, C&D. ;)

@tomasino Really? That sucks! Underground radio? Encryption? Matrix?



Somehow I'm not surprised. Maybe it will be fine from .is, but also, maybe this is an opportunity for the more creative types among us to collaborate on e.g. a typepad writing new ones the lawyers in love can't bill hours for. With a different name too. program you own story or... (something better than that, of course), just not something the sharks can smell blood and hour tenths over.

@gemlog @tomasino To me its like free advertising. I have a brand new CYOA book next to me that would have never been purchased if not for CYOA. They should thank or pay you tomasino.

@adamd @gemlog I can't hold it against them. They do own the copyright on most of these books I'm reading. I'm also using their name directly, not attempting to call my show the "happily picking your path to death show". The woman who wrote me was very sweet about it and almost apologizing in her request.

There are free interactive fiction books I can read, I can write my own, and there are other options to explore. Iceland will bring a new version of the show, I think.

@tomasino As the enforcement of copyright is still an active choice by the copyright holder it is quite appropriate to hold it against them. Sometimes the right holders are not the artists and then an artist can be apologetic while the rights holder can send cease and desist letters (or worse). But in this case? Just dropping is probably better for overall happiness in life, of course. But still. 😠
@adamd @gemlog

@tomasino What law were you braking? Are you saying its not legal to read a book over the radio?

Damn... heard about this in, and it sucks big time

@tomasino nuts. how did they find out? Is livestreaming without archiving a feasible workaround?

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