I'm really, REALLY close to getting a custom protocol handler in Firefox to launch gopher:// links in lynx in the terminal. Can you help me solve it?


@tomasino I got Firefox to handle gopher:// URLs via lynx using this script as my handler:

/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -e "/usr/bin/lynx $1"

Replace /usr/bin/gnome-terminal with the full path to your terminal of choice.

@RomeoTBravo I feel like I tried that exact script. Hmm. I'll try again in the morning. Thanks!

@tomasino @RomeoTBravo

Ah, late😕 But I have a video😉
/usr/local/bin/mlterm -e /usr/local/bin/lynx $1

@tomasino @RomeoTBravo
BTW, be careful with " inside the script: for some shells this is critical😜

@yrabbit @tomasino Thanks! I can confirm the double quotes are not necessary. I should have tried that first.

(I was fighting a nasty problem quoting SQL inside a script earlier in the day. That's my excuse for indiscriminately throwing around quotes.)

@yrabbit @RomeoTBravo Just got it working on OSX with this apple-script compiled to an app:

on open location this_URL
tell application "iTerm"
create window with default profile command "/usr/local/bin/lynx '" & this_URL & "'"
end tell
end open location


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