Do you like sci-fi? Do you write your own stories for fun or profit? Why not join us in a low pressure semi-collaborative journey among the stars:

Cosmic Voyage is a public access unix system focused on storytelling. Practice some command line skills while you write and get motivated from your peers.

Visit us on in the room as well.

If you want to register, send an ssh pubkey to along with your choice of username!

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@tomasino Oh, this sounds like my kind of jam. Will have to check it out after work!

@tomasino this sounds awesome! can I share on Twitter?

@nev btw, tilde editor is installed on cosmic. ;)

@tomasino this is one of the best things I've seen in a while. It's such a beautiful creative use of technology for art! Thanks for sharing and running it (whoever is doing it).


I've been distracted and have not worked on my story in a while. 😔

I have, however, redesigned my website to simultaneously support Gopher. Cosmic Voyage was definitely the inspiration for that.

@tomasino !!!! I am totally going to be getting in on this, once I'm at a computer again

@tomasino Is there a basic timeline or primer? When did the QEC get invented? When was RS001 established? Is FTL available? Political and historical conditions at Sol system? Thanks heaps.

@Shufei I wrote a bit of stuff related to the QEC on the man pages for log(1) and ship(1) viewable on cosmic.

But reality-drive is canon in the universe, so it's entirely possible that the origins of the QEC might be different for some storylines. Cosmic rules pretty much allow anything that won't break another person's story.

@tomasino I surveyed several ships. Many entries already, though. I just don’t want to break anything canonical.

@Shufei :D we appreciate the care. Most storylines are so far apart that we don't run into one another and you can basically make up whatever. Maybe it's localized physics, maybe temporal anomoly, or maybe something else. Check out this "ship" for an example of alternate timeline at play:

@tomasino How does bandwidth suffer in relation to fast sublightspeed travel? If a ship goes up to 0.1C, then how can I calculate how slowly text will be received relative to RS001 bobbing along around the galactic arm? That is, seen heaps info on how to calculate photon redshift, but won’t SAAD bandwidth be reduced (from RS001’s perspective) the faster the boat goes?

@Shufei that's really complex question and one I answer in my own way in my stories, but it's not the only way. If you have an idea of how you want it to work, go for it!

@tomasino I shall, as it pertains to a story idea I thought of when I discovered this lovely project. I sent my key; please may I join?

@Shufei Your account is created. Check your mail when you log in for instructions. :D

@tomasino I reckon I get now you are keeping the ruleset and canon loose to allow for maximal surprises and strange dynamics. Interesting.

@Shufei in my melchizedek story i work it like this. The QEC's SAAD pairings were established when the ship set out. Time dilation means that only a short time passed for the crew while many years passed for earth. But the quantum particles maintain their pairing in the same absolute time. Effectively they are transmitting into the past.

@tomasino Hmmm! I wonder... If I wrote a vignette which worked differently, will it b0rk the world? Or is SAAD just very spooky and works both ways?

@Shufei so spooky! Just go with your gut. If you want to explore the differences you're seeing in-story, even better. We can have characters debate what's going on and marvel at the mystery

@tomasino Jolly good. I’ll do my lil story first to establish and read some of what y’all have done then consider spooky crossovers.

@tomasino That is... I just don’t understand how information sent via quantum entanglement isn’t subject to relativity given the time differential of a fast ship to a slow satellite. Does the qubit wobble slower in tx one way and faster in rx the other? There must be a cost in bandwidth.

@tomasino Oh, jolly good, ta. I like that the Unix system is itself immersive.

So, 2033 is about when it was established. Good baseline, thanks.

@tomasino I just discovered this and my personal time dilation I’m getting to receive it fits so naturally into the theme! #cosmic sci fi fiction what a neat idea

@tomasino Oh this seems really cool. Will need to revisit later, in Nanowrimode right now.

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