Follow is live on the web as wou well as gopher. We've got the basics in place for an awesome collaborative storytelling adventure.

If you want to join the tilde, send me the following:

1) your username (used internally on the system only)
2) your first ship name (used in the story)
3) a link or contents of a public ssh key for access

@tomasino Wanted you to know about

I used to listen to the original, and your idea reminded me of it, and it is something I love dearly, and I love your idea. ^_^

@tomasino As soon as I get financially stable. I can't think or relax until that is handled, ya know? ^_^

@tomasino This is an awesome project! I'll be in touch as soon as I relearn how to generate a public key. Ad Astra!

@tomasino it’ll be later tonight or tomorrow before I can get a key to you, but I just wanted to say I am very excited for this.

@tomasino Just sent you email for an invite. Very excited! :)

@timotheus let me know how it works logging your first message. I didn't properly test ships with a space in their name. If something acts up then we can fix it up together and make cosmic voyage better

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