Jackets with poor dead animal parts attached to them are disgusting


@snowdusk_ boyocott canadian geese too. They're jerks.

@bradfonseca @tomasino @snowdusk_ I hate Canada Geese, they always seem to find me when I'm cycling.

@sparcipx @bradfonseca @tomasino Don't hate them... They are just minding their own business ... doing goosey stuff they are supposed to do 😆

@snowdusk_ @sparcipx @bradfonseca they dominate my street and poop all over my yard. They're all hissy when I walk by too. So rude.

That's why Canadians are ways so nice... We put all our hate and evilness in our geese. 😁
@snowdusk_ @sparcipx

@bradfonseca @tomasino @snowdusk_ @sparcipx I had a Canadian goose try to carjack me.

There's more truth in that statement than you'd think there would be.

@bradfonseca @tomasino No no no they are nice and peaceful creatures.... just don't cross their path 😆💦

@tomasino LOL actually they are not nice at all 😆... but they are cute ❤️

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