#OpenBSD userland has
pretty small (378 programs in /bin /usr/bin)
and well documented (624K words)
and very stable (no major changes for years)
and powerful API.

Learn it once and use for decades.


@romanzolotarev Thanks for the inspiration. I ordered Absolute OpenBSD and spun up a vps for learning & practice. I'm going to do exactly what you suggest and work through all the man pages. I've been in GNU land all my linux life, so this is something exciting and new.

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@tomasino you are very welcome, sir. I'm always here to help you. Ping me any time.

@tomasino @romanzolotarev OpenBSD runs quite well on older hardware, so if you have an older discard machine around (several of my laptops have been hand-me-downs from people or companies upgrading hardware) you might try installing on real hardware.

@ed1conf my first thought was to put it on a spare raspberry pi but that apparently requires a serial connection and i don't have the hardware. VPS it is!. Once I get good with it I may swap my main laptop to it

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