In a few minutes I'll be going on openvoip and com to begin reading this Work "choose your own adventure" book. Please join me

@tomasino I’m sorry I missed this. I may steal this idea, whenever the bridge doesn’t have phreak fun on it.

@Shufei @tomasino That would be zany, choose your own adventure determined by listener vote. The choices could be crowd-sourced for an Exquisite Corpse experience.

@cosullivan I’d take a different tack myself, but this absolutely should be a great show for @tomasino to take on, if he’s of a mind to do so. It would certainly make for a lively com! Is this to be a formal show, now?

I would read and annotate a bit of something heavier. Maybe take a few ‘pataphorical turns from a text and see if anyone can guess where.


@Shufei @cosullivan @tx Friday 0100 UTC (Thursday 9PM EST) - "Choose Your Own Adventure" will be a regular, weekly, hour-long show

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