In a few minutes I'll be going on openvoip and com to begin reading this Work "choose your own adventure" book. Please join me

@tomasino aw man please tell me that is a Catsnake

it's a monster I just made up now but judging by a picture I think it's awesome

@tomasino Actually I really love this kind of book you read tonight. I had this kind of adventure-game book in Japanese when I was small. It has adventure game you can make choice of action; also there are mini-games like solving words pazzle, go through maze, word-play game, etc.
@tomasino if I remember correctly, there was multiple endings. Remembering back, I think it was very sophisticated but well made book 😁

@tomasino No, but with a little more notice I could dig it out and do so.

@drwho i'm talking myself into making a regular "storytime with tomasino" hour on the schedule

@drwho @tomasino

I ordered that book from scholastic book club in the 80's.

Came with the game disk.


I'd listen to that if it were a regular web-radio program.


@tx it looks like I will be making it a regular thing! Friday 0100 UTC (Thursday 9PM EST)!

@tx oh no, anyone can listen on and hit me up via mastodon or IRC or SDF com to give feedback.

I love Infocom! I'm not good at them but that doesn't matter! How did I not know about these books! And it's by Meretzky. Squeee!

@Gatton I'm continuing the reading with a new reoccuring show on anonradio. Thursdays at 9pm EST (0100 UTC). I'll be using an actual headset and broadcasting in the future too.

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