I'm curious about your laptop styles. Everyone, take a picture of your laptop lid and share. Are you a sticker person or not? Boost like crazy

@tomasino @technomancy Fairly tech oriented. Mostly things I would still advocate for, luckily.

(Look, GitHub used to be cool, OK?)

Are you going to feed this into your Laptop Recognition Surveillance System? :-P

@varx @technomancy hah, yes! laptop recognition surveillance!

Who's the dude on the right next to the voted sticker? It looks familiar

@tomasino That's the logo for Leiningen, the main Clojure build tool. (Which is why I replied to technomancy's reply. :-P)

It's my prize for having contributed to the project. :-)

@tomasino I have nothing on it, because I can't find laptop stickers that are smaller than 2 inches. But if I could find 'em, I'd add masto, python, and haskell stickers right away

@danielhglus hmm, their new website doesn't look like it gives the option to order specific stickers, only packs. Weird!

@tomasino only to remind me i’m unsure of my policy on aliens apparently

I put patterned wallpaper under my semi-transparent laptop cover, along with my groovy GNU sticker. Hardly anyone pays attention to it, but I love it.

@cameron @tomasino love how the curl of the gnu horns echo the pattern of the paper. Very clever!

@tomasino My last laptop, now broken and recycled.

I am a sticker person.

@cev I like the layering. It feels like it organically evolved

@archer72 I feel like there's got to be a story behind some of those


The monster sticker was from work, and the others, let's just say my little girl (now 11) was sticker crazy a few years back.

@archer72 the lightning mcqueen gave me an indication a kid was involved. Nice

@tomasino My refurbished Dell Latitude laptop doesn't yet have stickerson it, but I have some EFF stickers. I should order some SDF ones and make my laptop look badass.

@cosullivan I've got one on mine! I gotta go take a pic myself

[Thinkpad with stickers: blobthink, Dead Inside, GNU, Transmetropolitan, CC Jitters, Emacs, and ACAB]

@tomasino Mine's a work-in-progress. I have a few more cycling-related stickers to add, but I have to figure out which ones are going on my bikes first!

@cosullivan it came in my KetoKrate subscription box one month. Nice, right?

@tomasino Most of these are from CCC people, a Mastodon sticker is planned as well but the shipping is so expensive for a single one :/

@tomasino i used to be a sticker person but i’m not any more. i’m not sure why!

@tomasino i'm a sticker person but unfortunately i don't have anything on my laptop lid :blobsadleft: i can never really buy stickers i want

@headachebooth what would you add if you could magically create the perfect stickers?

@tomasino a nonbinary flag sticker, which i'd probably put over the hp logo on my laptop
something fire emblem fates related maybe, like the map sprites of some of my favorite characters
a small tux sticker, maybe a small debian or linux mint logo sticker
it'd be nice to have them all on clear vinyl backing if possible
that's about all i can think of rn, though there's definitely other stuff i'd like to put on here

@tomasino Pffffft I have no stickers on my laptop. Not even the "Intel Inside" sticker

@jebug29 I need a "no intel inside go spy somewhere else NSA" thingamabob, maybe a text message "you know all I do is trade preserve recipes with old broads, right?" @tomasino

@tomasino alas,. just two blanco cases (other than the label with the asset tag on the HP which is redacted as its used as a network identifier),

I had considered stickers, but (outside of University student circles) they aren't as much a thing in my region, and the devices paid for by my work and I sometimes have to sit in conference rooms with the directors and NHS (health authority) managers, so have to look reasonably professional..

@vfrmedia I keep my work machine pristine as well. I did the anonymity of it sometimes. :)

@murph I hadn't considered stickers on the bottom. Good form, sir. Good form.

@tomasino Sadly, I have not. It's like a pun for me. "Monks Rock" rather than "Monk's Rock."

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