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I built a tool for my wife to help her generate crochet patterns.

Choose the number of rows and columns you want and the number of colors to extract from the image used to generate the pattern. Upload the image and transform it by resizing, moving, or rotating to get everything where you want it. Click "render" and it will flatten everything into your grid.

When it's done you can right-click and "save as..." to save the image for crochet reference.

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Do you like sci-fi? Do you write your own stories for fun or profit? Why not join us in a low pressure semi-collaborative journey among the stars:

Cosmic Voyage is a public access unix system focused on storytelling. Practice some command line skills while you write and get motivated from your peers.

Visit us on in the room as well.

In the latest StackOverflow bounty, a user is trying to redirect from a website to an app. If that app isn't installed, they want to go to the install page.

My answer explains that this is called a Deferred Deep Link and provides a simple javascript method of doing it using a hidden iFrame and a setTimeout.

Upvote's appreciated!

Proud dad moment: my boy is teaching two Icelandic boys from school how to play Pokemon: Silver edition on his Gameboy. They are enthralled. Minecraft has been turned off in favor of this new challenge. Language is no barrier in the quest for pikachu.

@moondoggy just missed you in IRC. You figure out what you need?

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A custom ascii art cookie for whoever first gets Terminal Phase packaged in a mainstream GNU/Linux distro

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Intro post!

On this account I mainly plan to talk about my writing, and my online creative shenanigans.

I'm in the process of setting up a gopher space, which will feature my fiction as well as a blog chronicling my adventures in writing a five-book scifi series.

I also want to experiment with static webpages and online 'zines.

I'll do my best to link to things as they come online, and share project updates, and generally stop being so freakin shy about my work!

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This is my last track for today's stream. Thanks for tuning in everyone.

Today's chiptunes are all from various keygens & cracks. I collected them all into a mix years ago. Here's the complete list:

I'm streaming some chill keygen chiptune music on tilderadio for a bit. Tune in and enjoy.

In this weeks StackOverflow code bounty, a user was having issues with a Sketch plugin (javascript). It looks like it was a simple manner of the author not undrestanding asyncs.

Upvotes appreciated!

Thanks everyone, for tuning in. The tracklist from tonight's stream can be found over here:

Have a great night

If you're not yet tuned in, we're only on track 7/18 in this "cyberpants" mix. Why is it called "cyberpants"? Well, I wanted a "cyber" theme and didn't want to think very hard. You're welcome.

Tune in at

Tonights stream (part 2):
Mitch Murder - The Touch
Perturbator - She Is Young, She Is Beautiful
This Binary Universe - Dynamic Symmetry

Tonight's stream (part 1):
Rüfüs Du Sol - Innerbloom
Kraftwerk - Das Model
Aphex Twin - Polynomial C
Celldweller - Fadeaway
Front Line Assembly - The Blade
Judge Bitch - MDK
Protector 101 - Protect The Innocent
Cyanotic - The Medicated Generation
The Glitch Mob - I Need My Memory Back (feat. Aja Volkman)
Skinny Puppy - I'mmortal
ONLY GOD FORGIVES Soundtrack - Wanna Fight
Chemlab - Suicide Jag
M.O.O.N. - Release
Cyberpunk 2077 - Chippin’ In by SAMURAI
Phutureprimitive - Rapid Cognition

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