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Do you like sci-fi? Do you write your own stories for fun or profit? Why not join us in a low pressure semi-collaborative journey among the stars:

Cosmic Voyage is a public access unix system focused on storytelling. Practice some command line skills while you write and get motivated from your peers.

Visit us on in the room as well.

DM: "The super ninja sweeps his sword at your neck, channelling his years of training into one massive strike to deal the maximum damage."

ME (immune to physical damage): "I stand very still and cheer him on, saying, 'You are doing very well!'"

"You are all completely trapped in the experiment cells. Your powers have no affect on the walls or doors."

"I pee on the door"

I'm doing some ad-hoc streaming on tilderadio for a bit before G Love takes control a bit later. Come listen!

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Worldโ€™s third giki (Gemini wiki) is online, kids. Huzzah!

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Anyone know if there is a #zine hosting site that works a bit like tapas etc? My google and duckduckgo-fu hasn't turned up anything.

#lookingforrecs #mastoart

I made a pinapple in inkscape. It's a really easy program to use.

I'm drinking while cooking and it makes me want to make vast generalized statements like, "people who have more should have less say" and then nod at my own wisdom for coming up with something that sounds cool without giving it any thought. Instead, how about I go with someone else:

I'm really sorry and sympathize with people facing hardship. I hope things get better and I hope I can help. Also... ACAB.

I just ate too much peanut butter. This is why I don't buy peanut butter

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@paper did that gemini:// :)

@snowdusk_ did you ever watch my git video on toobnix? It goes into more detail on the things I was telling you the other day, but you can see me type stuff this way

๐Ÿ’ฅ Tilde Trivia with Tomasino ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Airs once a month on the last Sunday of the month at 23:30 UTC. (That means this coming Sunday!)

Join us for trivia, music, chatting, and bragging rights. Participate on the Fediverse or in IRC.

Only on

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Probably the biggest Bongusta List update ever: Even though I had to remove about half of a dozen of defunct (365 days without a fresh post), the number of aggregated active phlogs grew from 63 to 74!


Long live the gopher!

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