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Do you like sci-fi? Do you write your own stories for fun or profit? Why not join us in a low pressure semi-collaborative journey among the stars:

Cosmic Voyage is a public access unix system focused on storytelling. Practice some command line skills while you write and get motivated from your peers.

Visit us on in the room as well.

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My Light Phone II showed up and I love it so much. E-ink dumb phone + WiFi hotspot. What more could you want‽

Here's a little video from the Christmas Tree lighting in Reykjavík this year. The tree has been an annual gift from Norway since 1951, demonstrating the friendship between the countries.

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See what IP addresses the person in Starbucks is visiting *over their VPN*:

Sleep easily tonight!

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The screentime on my son's tablet ran out. Rather than stop and move on to something else he found an app that wasn't limited by screen time: the sound recorder.

He's been doing these for the last hour. The latest creation, "Godzilla in Cat Language".

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In the meantime, working on cache invalidation for #Samizdat. One of the Two Hard Problems in IT (cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors)!

Anyway, trying to keep some context in cache using "x-samizdat-*" headers. But the Cache API doesn't seem to cache all headers, just some:

Of course, there is no mention of it anywhere in the docs (or I have not found it after hours of looking).


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RT @smashingmag
Dear friends,

Quick reminder: if you're running an accessibility meet-up or local community, we’d love to send some of new books over to you — anywhere in the world.

Also, if you could write a review of the book, we’d love to send a book over, too.

DMs are open. 🥳

I just completed "The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2019

Getting a late start, but playing catchup.

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Oh btw, about a month ago we handled ~200k visits in a day, ~12 pageviews per second, ~1Gbps bandwidth, on a WordPress site on our infrastructure... without breaking a sweat.

How? Years of polishing our front-end caching reverse-proxy config. Is it #FLOSS? Of course it is:

Also, thanks and kudos to #Greenhost for hosting our edge nodes.

Point is: no, you don't need #CloudFlare.

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Is there any windup vinyl players made now?

As in same as in the past, but with improved acoustic or something

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Ok, back to playing with #Samizdat after some traveling.

- caching plugin not double-counted anymore;
- finally there is a proper project website at

Need to fix Gun+IPFS for the new domain, today is a good time.

Main project home still for the time being, but hoping to move it to a public GitLab instance soon.

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I wonder what the fediverse has to say on . It looks like a very solid distro with great valid hype around it. What's your opinion?

So, how do I follow another user on another instance on pixelfed from my pixelfed account? I see how to follow with Mastodon, but not pixelfed

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I am trying to move #Samizdat off of my work infrastructure and onto a public #GitLab instance, so that it's easier to cooperate.

I went with, but there seems to be a problem with CI/CD pipelines:

In case they consciously disable CI/CD on 0xacab, what other open GitLab instances should I consider?

I use Instagram a lot. I like sharing pictures with people. Pixelfed is the logical federated place for me to move to. I have an account at but I'm not using it yet. Is planning on starting an instance? perhaps? I'm wondering if there's a more logical home instance before I begin.

Where are you all? I need accounts to follow wherever I land.

For Thanksgiving I want to give you all the gift of the freakishly handsome young Patrick Stewart! Seriously... Look at this man!

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