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I built a tool for my wife to help her generate crochet patterns.

Choose the number of rows and columns you want and the number of colors to extract from the image used to generate the pattern. Upload the image and transform it by resizing, moving, or rotating to get everything where you want it. Click "render" and it will flatten everything into your grid.

When it's done you can right-click and "save as..." to save the image for crochet reference.

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Do you like sci-fi? Do you write your own stories for fun or profit? Why not join us in a low pressure semi-collaborative journey among the stars:

Cosmic Voyage is a public access unix system focused on storytelling. Practice some command line skills while you write and get motivated from your peers.

Visit us on in the room as well.

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Holy heck, the #PageKite Android app still installs and runs and appears to work. It's 7 years old.

That's kinda impressive, Android!

Backwards compatibility is cool.

The app really should get an update though, my current recommendation is people avoid it and use Termux instead.

But it's a nice little app! So I've just updated the PageKite wiki to mention that I'd be willing to pay a fair price for someone to bring it into modernity:

Figured it wouldn't hurt to say so here, too.

If anyone here was thinking of trying out Audible, they just sent me a referral code to extend the 1-month free trial to 2-months. I get a free audiobook if you use the code, too, even if you don't sign up after.

Go to:

code: NN8R-J4Q5KS-96X7AQ

(I'm not 100% sure if this can be used by multiple people, so it might be first-come-first-served)

Most recent Doctor Who was excellent. I'm a huge nerd about that particular night when Byron & the Shelley told their scary stories and I was really thrilled to see it all come to life on screen. No spoilers, but great episode.

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Selfie, eye contact 

I watched Alita: Battle Angel last night so you don't have to. You're welcome

Anyone on here using Firefox ESR? I'm curious how my Stutter add-on works in it and if there are any issues.

I'm beginning to think Google is a great company to watch for new business ideas. When they launch some new service take note of reactions and begin planning your own entry in the exact same space. Get your business plan together and aim to launch in 18 months when Google will inevitably kill their product, leaving a vacuum.

I'm really excited about the IKEA hydroponics stuff. I've been kicking around doing it on my own for a while and haven't put in the time to actually make it happen. Trying to source everything here is daunting. IKEA could kickstart this for me and make it simple. YAY!

There something very post-apocalyptic about the shaved heads that should be adding to my anxiety, but the cheer and positivity is countering it. Nurses are out there giving everything and it's an inspiration.

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What do you peeps use for music on the go?
Boosts ok and wanted.

I just spent 2.5x the price of this LP on VAT & import fees for an Icelandic artist that records less than 1km away from my home. For some unknown reason the album shipped from God Knows Where without an invoice or customs form.

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Hundreds of โ€˜pink slimeโ€™ local news outlets are distributing algorithmic stories and conservative talking points (2019)

[T]he Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School has discovered at least 450 websites ... distributing thousands of algorithmically generated articles ... at least 189 [websites]were set up as local news networks across ten states within the last twelve months by an organization called Metric Media.

#media #fakeNews #propaganda

Reading this about all the deep thinking and challenges overcome with Signal and getting more and more angry I can't delete a contact who's number had changed:

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AT&T is blocking Tutanota in some US regions. As AT&T has not fixed the issue after more than two weeks, we are reaching out publicly in the hope of getting the attention of the right people at AT&T. Read more on our blog: #netneutrality

I'm reading Brave New World and honestly not caring for it at all.

You know when there's a new movie coming out and you really want it to be good? I call that your wish power, and in my head it's a finite resource.

Coming up are some really epic projects. Foundation. Rick Moranis coming out of retirement for a heart-wrenchingly personal Honey I Shrunk the Kids sequel. A Wheel of Time series.

But I'm refusing to spend any of my wish power on that stuff, no matter how cool it is. 100% is going to the new Dune. It better fucking rock.

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