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burrow joins the posix club. No more bash requirement. Grab v1.5.0 now and experience true portability!

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So Google Chat was also Google Talk which is now Hangouts (originally Google+ only), but now retargeted for "enterprise" use while Allo (& Duo) are for personal use but now "on pause" for developing a new Google Chat, which is RCS (but not versioning) but also known as Google Jibe which is basically SMS 3.0, & is in Android Messages (but not the old AOSP based Messages, which was discontinued, but a new one), which is the SMS client… which might be Google Chat?

I updated my backup phone (Nexus 5X) to the latest CopperheadOS. It's nice and minimal.

It's a little frustrating that an issue I logged two years ago still exists, though.

Yep... Phone is busted. Gotta get a replacement

GPS stopped working on my phone. That's a problem.

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We got an email that was acquired by .

I closed my account after Yahoo purchased it, in 2005. Why am I getting email about this? Also, why didn't I get an email about Flickr going to Verizon!?

This is a reason the was created.

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@ajroach42 iirc, Lorinda Cherry developed the first spell checker for Unix. It used statistical analysis, not a dictionary file.

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I am now running a #gopher server at gopher:// which you can visit if you like and if you know how to use gopher. there's no content yet but I'll probably put some some dumb rants or something up at some point.

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I've heard #tokipona described repeatedly as simple enough to fit all of the rules on two sides of a piece of paper.

Some lovely human did it for us!


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#introduction #introductions

Hi, folks. I'm a deafblind hobbyist programmer with an interest in psychology, science, and the law. I am the secretary of the T-town chapter of the National Federation of the Blind and, as of this past weekend, the secretary/treasurer of the Oklahoma Division of Blind Students.

I'm presently working toward an associate's (I hope to obtain that this May) in psychology, with the intent of transferring to OSU-Tulsa this autumn or next spring. (I may get sucked into pursuing a compsci degree, not sure yet.)

I mostly play 4X games (Civ5-6, Stellaris) and some RPGs (Diablo III), but my primary focus for entertainment right now is literary in nature. Presently finishing up the Firekeeper Saga, by Jane Lindskold, but I'm always on the lookout for more work by Lois McMaster Bujold. I quite enjoyed Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch trilogy, as well. I do take recommendations; please don't suggest Heinlein or other scifi/fantasy authors with authoritarian leanings, though.

Other things: I am a strong believer in childhood literacy and in ensuring that blind children, especially, receive quality instruction in literacy. (A lot of schools, lately, think it's acceptable to give blind kids audiobooks and text-to-speech-enabled computers in lieu of Braille material. Unfortunately, you don't learn about punctuation, homonyms, or spelling when you consume audio-only information, and this creates a huge barrier to employment later on.)
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Are you the kind of pathetic normie who finds full on bleep bloop too fatiguing to listen to because you didn't play enough video games as a child? Tune into my Half Hour of Power at 1800 UTC tonight on, where I will be breaking routine by playing chiptunes with so-called "real instruments" accompanying! Marvel at the primitive analogue oddities of pianos, guitars, saxophones and drums! 🎸 🎷 🎹

Maybe I'll play some nasty 1-bit Spectrum screeching next week to make up for it.

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Added another another game to my gopherspace; Gnostica, an abstract territory based war game using pyramid pieces and tarot cards - gopher://

Please enjoy!

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Added the rules and files for the two-player abstract board game Iso-Path to my Gopher space, check 'em out: gopher://

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Used my recovery day to do a little geek tinkering, and now my calendar and contact list are being served up to my phone via nextcloud rather than Google.

I like to post about this stuff not just because it interests me, but I feel like people need to hear that these sorts of privacy enhancing shenanigans are possible for less technical users.

I'm not an IT person. At best I'm an enthusiast that can read documentation. I got it done, maybe you can too.


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Keep your notes for yourself! We recently announced that @laurent2233's open source Evernote competitor Joplin introduced #Nextcloud integration. … #nextcloud

@snowdusk_ , loving your show from tonight. Catching up now

Whoa, ja's anonradio -> podcast script is awesome! Way easier for my schedule too.

Info here, near the end of the post:

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Everyone is dunking on the Goldman Sachs curing-you-cuts-into-my-profits take, which is good.

Worth remembering, though: nearly all of us have been reared to believe some version of the same thing. Every day we make some move, judgment, or decision which says, "If this person or thing makes no money, it's has no inherent worth, in any way."

It takes conscious reminders, maybe even a damn mantra, to counteract this message which is all around us like air and sky.