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rust programmers be like

"this program is super light and quick to build, don't mind the dependency on 200 other crates"

i read about harvey milk a little bit, about where he said that gay people need to be openly gay in their communities. Made me think maybe i should be openly trans, so people know trans people are there and maybe a closeted kid who knows me who is trans will feel more comfortable

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Hello folks, just created this account, I'm up to share knowledge and some impressions mainly about:

, , , and in general

y'all know, the good old pleasures of a basement guy

I will make this now

Im here to talk about stuff that interests me, such as and , and to share funny pictures

i used to say bunny until people told me i had to say rabbit because I wasnt a little kid anymore, and i now feel very self conscious about saying bunny

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I chose husky for my client because I thought the dog anime girl was cute

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anonradio is good right now. Ill be probably be joining the com chat soon

so many things to do. I could start my 9p implementation, I could archive some old documents on my website, I could write something, I could download some music for tomorrow, or I could just hang out.

i just need to figure out how to forward my ports. Currently my router won't allow ports to be forwarded to devices that use ipv6, and currently that is something I would really like to have. So, we will see what the best option here is.

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being kind, and making an m3u for all the albums I share on soulseek. Hope someone appreciates it (I know i will lolz)

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On the web, you can do other stuff while reading an article. On a BBS, get distracted and it will kick your ass off!

I feel like I need to be more, upstanding here

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