If anyone can tell me why I can't log into SDF, please do so. I'll be checking masto every few days.
Otherwise, it looks like I am done with SDF for awhile.
It was fun!

If you hear a new DGC today, let me know by masto.

I cannot log into SDF today.

HAven't been able to log into SDF all day. Is legacy.sdf.org down?

Most likely no DGC today.

I will be taste-testing some Yunnan Golden Buds Dian Hong on today's episode of Dubious Goals Committee! And you will see FASCINATING close-up photos of TEA in com!

19:30 UTC www.anonradio.net

Dubious Goals Committee starts at 19:30 UTC, and it's going to be EXTRA dubious today in celebration of SDF's 35th anniversary!
If you've never heard DGC, this is the one you want to hear!

Dubious Goals Committee starts in 10 minutes on aNONradio! And it's going to get goaty. Dubious GOATS Committee.

Just remembered I have to BATTLE tonight!
Synth Battle Royale airs on aNONradio tonight at 0300 UTC!

Due to severe network outages, there will be no Dubious Goals Committee today. The Earth Day Special is rescheduled for next Friday. I am angry.

The Dubious Goals Committee Earth Day 2022 Special is starting in FIVE MINUTES on aNONradio!


The Dubious Goals Committee EARTH DAY 2022 Special airs on aNONradio today at 19:30 UTC!!! (2:30pm Central Time in North America) Don't miss the nonsense!

I survived my surgery!
Dubious Goals Committee returns Friday April 15th at 19:30 UTC!

The Simf God has smiled upon me! Gary Numan concert POSTPONED until summer due to COVID!!

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