High schoolers, don't rule out those DIII schools that want you. You can make a difference right away, and might be waiting years or forever at that DI school.

It's 2022. I applied for a government "IT" job. Drug screen not required. Covid shot required.

My new personal buttcalling is mistakingly taking 27 screenshots daily with an S21.

Block probing did not discover any disks.

Server 22.04, it's 2022, and this is a Dell OptiPlex 7090 straight out of the box. I'm having NeXT install flashbacks.

Twister is a bit unrealistic, but is still a fun movie.

The mid-90s, man. I first saw in action, but I was a total fanatic. What was this rip-off? Elsewhere where I worked Windows 3.1 for Workgroups was in action, we used an A/UX server, OS/2 Warp commercials ran on TV, Sun was out there, SGI was cool, and a guy I knew who worked at a pizza place talked about Linux, but I'd not seen it yet.

Saying you're trying to be ITAR-compliant is different than being ITAR-compliant.

Twitter knows it's going to turn into a dumpster fire under new management so it wrote *to advertisers* promising to protect them. THE FUCKING ADVERTISERS.


Breaking News on one tv station this morning was that a tree had fallen over.

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