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Tim Habersack @timotheus@mastodon.sdf.org

Just spent 2 minutes trying to start up my mail client, "Lightningbird" before realizing... that's not its name.

I just figured out calculating an angle between two points using .

I get a happy feeling when I get to use my rusty math brain. :)

@timotheus I am leaving them off interi.org, but I will have them on maiki.blog.

When I write to inform, I need deeper feedback, so I will have my email/jabber/whatever, so folks can contact me and we can discuss. For my blog, I want friends in passing to drop me little notes about what I am talking about.

So I *want* comments on the blog, but I don't want them on docs, tutorials, etc. Hence my breakdown.

@maiki man, I am seriously rethinking having comment sections even be on a blog post. It adds so much complexity.

Okay, new personal/informal/not worrying about how good I write blog at maiki.blog/. ^_^

Some folks like RSS feeds, but I don't recommend following that one yet. I am going to be back-tracking 12 years of posts, so it is gonna be a little weird for a bit, in that way. Then it will return to being weird in the usual way.

Yay! Thanks to @maiki I’ve figured out the problem with my #Addergoole #wordpress page! I can cross something off my list!

This is amazing! archive.org/details/georgebloo

over 25,000 78rpm records preserved on Archive.org. So interesting to listen to music from 1906, for instance.

What is the coolest developer portfolio you've seen on the web? I seek inspiration!

If I can set up Send on shared hosting, using S3 for the temporary storage, that would be DOPE!

Pretty smokey here in Oregon City.

You know that sinking gut feeling when you make a big personal decision? Whoo!

I just applied for a job. It is a good company, doing something that I thoroughly enjoy, and would help a lot of folks. 🤞🏿

By the way, I know how ridiculous I sound when I say this, but for productivity music this soundtrack to a bitcoin documentary is some of the best I've ever found benprunty.bandcamp.com/album/c

I really like that Twidere on my Android phone lets me message Twitter and Mastodon in one message. So handy!

It is really interesting the different kind of conversations I see here, when you aren't up against a stupid 140 character limit. :)

Can someone explain to me why I am getting super emotional as I watch Pokemon with my kids? Ash and Pikachu, learning to work together.. T_T

@maiki the twidere app is working pretty well on mah phone for mastodon.