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@tomasino awesome! It is the best feeling when you know it is really, for sure a done deal. :)

@Greg @maiki someone at CDC had a pretty good time making that. :)

@brion The tricky thing for me was getting to the point where I have two containers, and I want them to talk to each other.

> Trading in PG&E Corp. was briefly halted Monday after shares plummeted more than 37 percent. The stock has fallen as much as 48 percent in two days of trading since the Camp Fire broke out north of San Francisco last week.

I am in the throes of working through a legacy POS API integration project, and it's just like... how does this even work now?!? + large, seemingly useful methods that are actually unused, etc. T_T

@brion This is super relevant to me right now, as I ordered a rpi3b+ to turn into my desktop machine, for funsies.

@maiki I've read this 3 times, trying to grok it. WHAT DON'T I KNOW ABOUT FINS?!?

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