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@timotheus is documenting a hosting project at!

Quick reminder, you can add .rss to end of URLs in Discourse, and magic might happen. For instance... ^_^

@brion This is super relevant to me right now, as I ordered a rpi3b+ to turn into my desktop machine, for funsies.

@maiki I've read this 3 times, trying to grok it. WHAT DON'T I KNOW ABOUT FINS?!?

holy moly, Digital Ocean is allowing for custom images now. Means we could use any distro we want! That is awesome!

"Weezer Made A Video For Its 'Africa' Cover, And Of Course It Stars 'Weird Al' Yankovic" -NPR

We may have reached peak internet.

@maiki Seriously these kids (my kindergartener too) need to drink water! While they are at it, breathe some air too!!

When I picked up F yesterday, she saw me then started chugging her mostly full water, because she remembered that she had drank nothing all day. Like nothing!

This teacher specifically has several "water breaks" during the day too!!

@brion I keep meaning to fiddle some with Rust. What's it feeling like? What does it seem useful for??

update on my unaccessable 163 albums..

Fact check: I looked at all loudr tweets back to end of 2015, and there is no mention of losing rights, or download your stuff quickly, or anything. . Their knowledge base just says they are going down soon, does not say music is gone. The last email I received from Loudr was from January 2015, regarding site term changes.

So, lies everywhere. I explained all this and asked for a refund.

One of the many reasons why I dislike spotify.

Also, dissapointed in how Loudr handled the sale. I had 163 albums on there I can't access now.

This is super cool. Easy tool to manage a class of computer students. Includes way to ping for questions, etc.

@maiki we almost need lifetime in even more asterisks. It's quite a big deal.

Fun fact: @timotheus and I both have **lifetime** accounts for . Yes, that means I just get free fake money to buy up free fake stats, but I look oh so stylish doing so!

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