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Tim Habersack @timotheus@mastodon.sdf.org

@maiki If you need a bonus character ever, just remember Helcturi; ice mage and horrendous poet.

@maiki that makes sense to me.

I can tell you, holding a violin is one of my happiest memories.

I've always wanted to learn. I should really do it soon!

My (strictly D&D) DM: "I dunno how you get the energy to run 4 Shadowrun games."
Me, lounging on a lawn chair with a cigarette held artfully in one hand: "It's because I'm more powerful than you."

@cwebber do you think you can get us a little closer to those mines?

@laemeur why were you chilling at the pool when your wife was in labor?!?

J/k congratulations!!! Good luck!

@maiki The . Fast, quick, always eager to help your file bundling needs..

"For the classic choice, choose Tarball!"

@lighttrax AltaVista was my go to search engine. Faster than the others, and I liked the layout the best.

@er1n @brook @cwebber Yeah, his music is crazy good. His 'Valdis Story' album is amazing too.

@brook @cwebber If you haven't heard this chiptune album yet, I highly recommend it! One of my favorites: zackparrish.bandcamp.com/album

So, I made a thing ~a year ago that is kinda neat and wanted to share:

tim.hithlonde.com/2016/announc mastodon.sdf.org/media/-41ubPs

"JS-Space a tool/game that will generate a mostly-realistic galaxy from a seed, then let you navigate around it to view the various stars within the galaxy. It’s designed to work well on computers and mobile devices."

@brion I wish I could favorite this five million times.

Random discovery: Seedship. Brilliant free indie game made with #twine. Play an AI that picks the planet for a human colony. Lots of random events & meaningful choices, but each play takes only about 5 mins. Replay value about 15-30 plays.


@maiki @c8rz yeah, it used to be called "second sleep", if I'm remembering correctly

@brion yeah I just can't justify using it.

@brion Mine is the other way around; Win10 on Lubuntu, as well as dual boot to Win10. Any updates stress me out!

@brion Welcome! Come and revel in the larger max character space. Oh, yes and the nice people here. :D

This is an awesome reference for design; which I know sounds weird but it's actually pretty cool.