If you are in a photo that has been uploaded to Flickr, IBM may have used your face to train facial recognition technology that could eventually be used to surveil you.

Nearly a million photos were scraped from Flickr to do so.

I am finally writing on my site again. Latest! "Using your .gitignore as your rsync filter"


The rubber band is a criminally-underrated piece of technology.

TV person: "We're about to install the concrete countertops."
Me, to myself: "As opposed to abstract countertops."
Me, quieter: "That's what we call instantiation."

@maiki It is just baffling to me that this isn't a thing yet.

I'd even be cool with SaaS that does it for you, and you can connect Dropbox or other storage to it. So everyone stores their messages sent, and they choose to copy/save messages people sent them.

Let them set expirations for vids to delete.

shoot, even just a toolbar widget to record, then give me a url for it (with expiration, etc) would do it for me.

Alright folks, @timotheus and I want to send A/V messages like they do in Star Trek/The Expanse/folks that have holography tech.

Which tech does this, or is close to this, and is free software, on Earth, today? Note, we don't want it in real time. We want to record and send. ^_^

I use talkgroup.xyz for a lot of weird things, but the original idea was to have a cool email/web forum interface for conversations with my peeps. So we all don't need to host comments on our blogs, really. In my tribe we often don't know where to post stuff. Like, this isn't a status update, and might only apply to some folks... that is what talkgroup can do.

And you are all invited. Things are chill, and everything is CC0, and changes get discussed in meta (talkgroup.xyz/c/meta).

@maiki I mean, I haven't read a statement ANYWHERE from Yelp where they state they are against eating babies.

It's all becoming clear.

@trashHeap Wow, somehow I had completely missed this!

How does it handle emulation? any idea what the most advanced system is one can emulate on it?

@tomasino @maiki I know. I've listened through it twice, now I just put it on loop.

This is my life now.

@maiki @tomasino each song is seriously better than the last.

'Diamond Dolls' is like magic.

@maiki @tomasino This is strange, because I'm coming up all Chipmunks today.

I ran into this, and it's weirdly awesome. a Chipmunk album played back much slower than normal.


It's like a melancholic group of older men turning these peppy songs into lamentations.

dear is there a OSX app that will let me drag and drop any file into it, and it'll use my server + domain to upload to, and give me sharable link? Bonus points if it can set expiring.

I know I can do it via FTP, but I want less clicks to success.

@maiki but... But you open all the links *I* send you. Ne? Ne?


I was emailed by them. What my email says that this article doesn't, is that the 327 million customers did have their credit card info taken, and they can't discern if they took the data too for unencrypting.

Unauthorized access for 4 years. Good grief. I'm glad I have credit freezes on all 4 check places.

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