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Tim Habersack @timotheus@mastodon.sdf.org

Just had a realization re: . Especially as I get older w/a wonderful family, I have less time for games. Getting on and playing at same time with friends is near impossible.

BUT! (and MMOs have this) the ability to multiplay async is possible. Crafting and sending items to help your friends, etc. (Note: I am not talking about turns sitting in a notification somewhere.)

Designing a game with lots of ways players can async play together is a critical element.

@satchmoz This is unrelated, but I always see LineageOS and think of the Lineage MMO from long ago. I always wanted to play it.

I'm sure everyone knows about them already, but I didn't! So I'm sharing. stickermule.com/ Pretty inexpensive custom stickers!!

Everyone can send self-destructing email to maiki@interi.org. I will assure it will destruct in a safe environment, where no humans will be harmed, and no messages will be compromised.

You heard it here! If you want your email 100% safe, send self-destructing email to maiki@interi.org! We are compliant!

for a chance to win up to six free self-destructing emails!

Hello friends! Whenever I need web icons, I'd lazily just pull in all of font awesome. But now I want a much lighter payload and just load the icon(s) my site actually uses. What's a good way to do that?

@maiki aahh I gotcha. You'll still be using firefox to develop in, most likely? I was thinking you were going this new route where you don't see dev tools at all, just rendered screens, and that would be intense!

@maiki @satchmoz One option is getting a placeholder ring, and then you both could choose your matching meteorite ring design, for maximum awesomeness.

My parents sent my kids an Easter box with candy and crafts, which is super nice. No candy for me, their son. First time I haven't gotten candy from them. And like, it's probably overdue since I am 35.

But still, no candy!

It's 6:08pm and my family finished dinner and all the dishes are already done. What is this... "free time" and what do I do with it?!

@maiki oh man, and when they start a jump, and you *know* they didn't get enough speed and jumped too early..

@cwebber Hello sir! Asking you because I'm pretty sure you'd know the answer.. So, I love XMPP. Is there a web service I can host like Rocket.chat or mattermost that does all the slacky things, but its underlying mechanisms are XMPP?

I'd just love all that functionality when at the pc (and history!) but just run a simple XMPP client when on my mobile device.

Whoa! A new person at a very longterm collaborating company just paid my invoice online... I will have the money in days, rather than weeks. That is pretty cool! Oh brave new clients!

thanks for everyone who contributed to this moment of mirroring a 4MB flash volume over a 9600b serial cable to interlink running on dosbox

@maiki If you need a bonus character ever, just remember Helcturi; ice mage and horrendous poet.

@maiki that makes sense to me.

I can tell you, holding a violin is one of my happiest memories.

I've always wanted to learn. I should really do it soon!

My (strictly D&D) DM: "I dunno how you get the energy to run 4 Shadowrun games."
Me, lounging on a lawn chair with a cigarette held artfully in one hand: "It's because I'm more powerful than you."