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Tim Habersack @timotheus@mastodon.sdf.org

@cwebber how many are less that 4GB? I still have a 500mb drive I just cannot get rid of. It still works.

make public libraries better than for-profit co-working spaces

Is some sort of adult achievement unlocked when it's your birthday, yet you are packing/moving? Do I get to choose a new skill or something?

@maiki I keep wanting to poke at Cordova some and see how it performs. I think that could be similar.

Hey users, I am a person trying to harm none and survive with my family in capitalism. I know a lot about WordPress, particularly enterprise solutions.

But what I want to do is help individuals. So I need to do some market research. How much would you pay for:

1 Un-hacking a site
2 Month or year of hosting
3 An hour of phone support
4 Manage yer domains/DNS
5 Email support

Thanks! Please !

I really dislike how shows tons of cert information at the expense of the actual web address.

Like, I can't even click in here to type a new URL. I have to just close the tab. This strongly bugs me!

Looking to expand my horizons: what are the cool FOSS, self-hosted, non-WordPress-based commerce options? ^_^

@xor aaaaahhhhhhhhh! You also like starcadian?! I've been a fan ever since right before Sunset Blood dropped. I love it all.

@ericjgruber when I first read the domain name, I thought it was "Debt's now baller", which I thought was a bold choice. :D

Looking forward to reading up!

@brion yes, but only the newer one from.... Season 3 I think? When Frankie came on board.

@cwebber zophars also has tons of all other music formats and files from consoles spanning time itself! Psf/psf2 is PlayStation and PlayStation 2 audio, NSF is NES audio, etc.

@cwebber the file size is super tiny, and the audio is much better than mp3s or whatever, because there is no conversion going on.

@cwebber it is the audio file format used by the SNES, basically. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninten

When you listen to one, you are listening to an emulator of the actual hardware, and it's great!

Zophars Domain zophar.net/music/nintendo-snes is an excellent resource for getting music.

@cwebber It SO is. you listen to the SPCs, ya?

@maiki You are way more vigilant measuring your child than I am with mine.

Just had a realization re: . Especially as I get older w/a wonderful family, I have less time for games. Getting on and playing at same time with friends is near impossible.

BUT! (and MMOs have this) the ability to multiplay async is possible. Crafting and sending items to help your friends, etc. (Note: I am not talking about turns sitting in a notification somewhere.)

Designing a game with lots of ways players can async play together is a critical element.

@satchmoz This is unrelated, but I always see LineageOS and think of the Lineage MMO from long ago. I always wanted to play it.

I'm sure everyone knows about them already, but I didn't! So I'm sharing. stickermule.com/ Pretty inexpensive custom stickers!!