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Tim Habersack @timotheus@mastodon.sdf.org

Does anyone else do this? You're packing up your laptop, so you unplug your mouse. Then, instantly try to use your mouse and are surprised that it's not moving the pointer.

That is me like three times a week.

@maiki $100/month. For what I get, it seems like a good price overall. Then again I used to mull over getting $450/month T1 line back in the late 90s.

@maiki $90 a month for first year. No static IP, that is an extra fee. I'm getting ~600Mbps down and up, through an old router, via wifi. Pretty sure my newer one will go even better. And ethernet should be like the One True Connection.

Fiber internet is no joke. Need this for my weekend project, and was surprised at the DL speed. Fiber is nuts!!

@maiki I would watch infomercials re: a fantasy world.

@maiki I cannot star this enough. :D I think I might actually be able to get back to working on the 2D game engine this week.

Step one is remembering how it all works.

@maiki yeah I am leaning way more towards insect-based enemies. Big bugs, almost no intelligence, but scary effective together.

More like forces of nature.

@maiki man I was taking about nostalgia the other day. It is super powerful, and not in a good way I think.

Regret is too close to the connections that trigger nostalgia.

"Remember this? Remember when you were a child? Remember the limitless possibility you felt? Do you remember the safety? It's not here now. Forever gone. So much change, is anything the same?"

And it spirals from there.

I am starting to be convinced that the emotional response to nostalgia drops some of the craziest chemicals into the bloodstream.

I can't explain why precisely, but it's starting to really annoy me.

Maybe because it's really easy to escape the current realities into shows and subjects that you loved as a kid. But we can't always be looking backward.

Reboots, superhero movies, shows set during my childhood period, I think I'm going to let it go.

Let's focus on the present!

@maiki wait... they're called `tissues` ? Like, blow my nose tissues? I thought it was a typo in your post but then saw it in the screenshot too.

Is this a new thing I don't know about?!

Also, young child parent humor: tissues and bug reports? eew!

@maiki well.... Now I don't really want to play it. :/

@maiki Also, I found that screenshot online, I don't use those apps, or have a nighmare of a dock.


So, when you hit cmd + tab, this pops up. I can keep hitting that key combo and selector will "walk" through options. pretty standard.

but, i can also use arrow keys when this is up, or use pointer to select app I want.

basically, i almost always overshoot the app i want when using this key combo, and being able to go back one (via right arrow) vs having to "walk" through the entire list is the killer feature for me. Seriously, not having it caused me frustration 20x a workday.

@maiki cool! because, I found from my last excursion into linux... I am really used to the OSX style of UI. Specifically on app switching. if does that... it alone would make it attractive for me heh.

@cwebber Oh, yes that is frustrating. Just say "email:" mr. web form!

Is anyone using as a dev OS? Does it handle stuff like vagrant, docker, sublime text, etc ok?

I was reading the docs and it wasn't super obvious to me if it's debian based (aka apt-get all the things) or something unique.