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Tim Habersack @timotheus

@cwebber Hello sir! Asking you because I'm pretty sure you'd know the answer.. So, I love XMPP. Is there a web service I can host like Rocket.chat or mattermost that does all the slacky things, but its underlying mechanisms are XMPP?

I'd just love all that functionality when at the pc (and history!) but just run a simple XMPP client when on my mobile device.

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@timotheus @cwebber I came across one such platform called Kaiwa the other week. However it looks like it was abandoned by the developer. Their looks to be a couple of forks on github but I can't speak to them.


@satchmoz @cwebber @timotheus Unfortunately Kaiwa and forks haven't been updated in years. I don't think there is a major effort to bridge XMPP with a web UI in the same way, since there are others doing that with non-XMPP solutions. I got Kaiwa working once, last about a month. ^_^

@maiki @cwebber @timotheus I think there is some desire to take converse.js / inverse.chat in that direction.