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Tim Habersack @timotheus

I've been starting to do the Fit Plus almost day.2 yogas, 1 strength and 1 cardio (normally a run). I love it.

Also, living in PNW, seeing that sunny blue sky on the island run really helps with my mood. Yay virtual environments!

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@timotheus ha! Right on! I am glad it has a positive affect on your mood.

I was self-conscious about the jogging/cycling/standing-in-place-parts. I live above another apartment, so if they come up here knocking I want to look them in the eye and defiantly apologize because, "I was just playing JustDance, my bad!" Instead of sheepishly apologizing, "oh, sorry, I was just running in place for 10 minutes..."

Sheesh, lots to unpack there, @maiki...