@maiki you asked about linux pain points a while ago.. My biggest currently is PDFs. OSX'es 'preview' app that lets you add signatures, type text into any PDF is really nice.

Any suggestions for one to use in Lubuntu?

@timotheus Nah, I don't know, not a use case for me. Hopefully someone has experience with that. ^_^

Adobe rolls a lot of tech into MacOS. Sucks for people trying to move away from it. 😩

@timotheus @maiki I rarely need to edit pdf files. Usually I need to batch something and use a command line program. Very rarely I've needed to hand bomb a file and I think I just read it in to Inkscape or the Gimp (forget). Also there is an addon for open/libreoffice to do the same. So lots of choices.

I don't know which experience will most closely mirror your experience on apple computers.

@maiki @timotheus I lied. Apparently it is built-in to open/libre office now.

Here is Inkscape doing it:

My last choice (just for pdf, not for other jobs) would be Gimp for pdf editing, but you can do it.

If you need to do something repetitive, obviously you should script it using command line tools (there are many, just type 'apropos pdf' to find them on your system).

I've scripted e.g. watermarking a bunch of pdf, adding a logo...

@timotheus @maiki I've used MasterPDFEditor for a long time. Lets you do all kinds of editing to a PDF. And it almost never crashes :)

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