@timotheus what is the possible purpose of an "Orange Potion of Lose Memories"?!

Like, is some wizard SUCH a wizard, they just know too much? Surely there are rays and missiles pointed at a brain that are more effective than brewing a concoction to have your enemies imbibe... and it isn't like a lot of orange liquid occurs in nature, so it isn't a tricky, stealthy liquid.

@maiki I love Angband for this reason. So, for potions, scrolls, wands, staffs, rods.. there are about as many bad effects as good effects. So, sure there is wand of slow monster, but there's also a wand of haste monster.

If you just try using stuff without identifying it.. you're going to have a bad time. But thats what makes it fun. When your back is to a wall, and you've got some random potion.. sometimes you just have to use it anyway and hope it's a beneficial one!

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