Alright folks, @timotheus and I want to send A/V messages like they do in Star Trek/The Expanse/folks that have holography tech.

Which tech does this, or is close to this, and is free software, on Earth, today? Note, we don't want it in real time. We want to record and send. ^_^


@maiki It is just baffling to me that this isn't a thing yet.

I'd even be cool with SaaS that does it for you, and you can connect Dropbox or other storage to it. So everyone stores their messages sent, and they choose to copy/save messages people sent them.

Let them set expirations for vids to delete.

shoot, even just a toolbar widget to record, then give me a url for it (with expiration, etc) would do it for me.

@timotheus That is what Conversations client and Prosody with files over BOSH does. Like, exactly. Record from the app, upload to server and send link to friend, then they do whatever on their end (like consume and/or save the file).

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