Got the retrostone device yesterday in the mail. Its a neat device, been pairing down the RetroPi derrivative it runs more than playing so far.


@trashHeap Wow, somehow I had completely missed this!

How does it handle emulation? any idea what the most advanced system is one can emulate on it?

@timotheus Its handled the few PSX games ive tossed at it without breaking a sweat. Ive seen some people do N64 on youtube, but don't have any N64 cartridges to dump myself.

Its basically running Retroarch on an Allwinner H3 so it's pretty robust. Especially on a distro which is tuned not to have much else running in the background.

@timotheus Also as far as I can tell its a completely vanilla orangepi under the hood. Like it should be equally capable of running NetBSD or any BSD or GNU/Linux with a kernel compiled for that SoC.

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