Is anyone using as a dev OS? Does it handle stuff like vagrant, docker, sublime text, etc ok?

I was reading the docs and it wasn't super obvious to me if it's debian based (aka apt-get all the things) or something unique.

@timotheus Releases are based on Ubuntu, you can see the specific bases at

I believe it can use Ubuntu packages, but it is has it's own "app store", but whatevs, just use apt. ^_^

@maiki cool! because, I found from my last excursion into linux... I am really used to the OSX style of UI. Specifically on app switching. if does that... it alone would make it attractive for me heh.

@timotheus Can you link to an example or description of app switching in MacOS? I don't know what that is, and as a rule I don't search for Apple related information without leverage held against me... ^_^


So, when you hit cmd + tab, this pops up. I can keep hitting that key combo and selector will "walk" through options. pretty standard.

but, i can also use arrow keys when this is up, or use pointer to select app I want.

basically, i almost always overshoot the app i want when using this key combo, and being able to go back one (via right arrow) vs having to "walk" through the entire list is the killer feature for me. Seriously, not having it caused me frustration 20x a workday.

@timotheus I'll have to figure out how to record it in GNOME, but I think it does it as expected. I mean, not sure if there is a subtle difference, but you ought to throw Fedora up on a VM and try out GNOME! ^_^

@maiki Also, I found that screenshot online, I don't use those apps, or have a nighmare of a dock.

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