@jwildeboer thx for mentioning this place here, just moved to munich and looking for interesting places to explore :)

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@lyra ah ok^^ sry get things mixed up, im getting a lot of input atm. i read selinux is insanely hard to config correct and ppl tend to create vulnerabilities with it by not really knowing what to do. thx i will follow thes ppl :)

@linuxenko not in special, but from what i understand these are memory corruption exploits. im way too noobish, but heap randomization makes it hard to jump to particular position in the memory from what i understand. i really need to do more coding...

@lyra but apart from actual threat vectors, i want to learn to lock up a box as good as possible, im interested in working as a sysadmin some time or even get further into security matters. web app security is on my list too, since im webdesigner atm. but i wanna get away from advertising.

@lyra ah ok, yes its only a single debian box atm. would you recommend setting up apparmor? and should i learn ipfilter? i remember pfsense is a thing.

@linuxenko ok...its not even basic enough for me^^ i knew there is something like memory corruption exploits. did u use something like pax or exec shield for it?

@lyra ah ok, atm there is no actual threat besides random bruteforce on ssh and ppl trying to use my postfix for spam. i started out with a minimal debian to have only installed what i need, fail2ban, having home on its own partition, a basic alert for shell logins, using clamav, chkrootkit, rtkthunter and lynis. im looking into apparmor right now.

@lyra im running a dedicated debian server mainly for learning, its running some services, sometimes gameserver. threat vector? dont really know what you mean. sry, im a newbie :)

@zaylea hm yeah i might do it that way too, i have a thinkpad pen tablet for drawing stuff. probably its enough to have windows ready on there for spontaneous design stuff. and doing editing later on desktop with dualboot

@apiziali right, i dunno i didnt really considered that yet, thought it would be too slow starting up for spontaneous creativity, i will try that. thx for input

@amoline i would like that, but im probably too lazy at least atm. i want to switch to sysadmin and security career wise and there is so much to learn :)

@linuxenko I have no preferences yet, what are u using for sandboxing? that's great, maybe we can exchange some tips. it's indeed such a vast topic, I'm kind of playing around atm to get an idea of what is important and what to look further into.

i want to use linux as my primary system, but im dependant on adobe software for my design stuff and needing to reboot to start photoshop or illustrator would greatly impact my spontaneous creativity. anyone dealing with this problems? wine doenst run latest illustrator afai read. also i game a lot, but i would reboot for that.

@linuxenko yeah i know, atm im learning about hardening linux servers, specially debian as its my fav distro and im looking into kali for pentesting. most exactly playing around with apparmor and looking into grsecurity

@MOTT hi :) everythings pretty good over here :) hows your day going?

is anyone on here interested in linux security and wants to share noob experiences/tips with hardening and stuff?

@hnb hi :) thank you :) good to be here, feels welcome here :)

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