i want to use linux as my primary system, but im dependant on adobe software for my design stuff and needing to reboot to start photoshop or illustrator would greatly impact my spontaneous creativity. anyone dealing with this problems? wine doenst run latest illustrator afai read. also i game a lot, but i would reboot for that.

@thomsane I think you should switch from the Adobe tools to open source ones, e.g. : Gimp instead of Photoshop, Inkscape instead of Illustrator, and so on. That is, if you really want to use Linux on a daily basis. It's not easy, and it takes time to get used to the "alternative" programs (same as with alternatives to M$ Office). I have been using Linux as my main desktop for about 8 years. Still keep a dual-boot configuration, though. Just in case. But 90% of the time I boot Linux 🙂

@amoline i would like that, but im probably too lazy at least atm. i want to switch to sysadmin and security career wise and there is so much to learn :)

@thomsane I have to use Windows still for those, plus DesignAKnit and Garment Designer, unfortunately. Inkscape is nice but definitely doesn't replace Illustrator. Wine isn't great. I just have a Surface Book I use for creative stuff, but at work I just have a desktop w/ Linux.

@zaylea hm yeah i might do it that way too, i have a thinkpad pen tablet for drawing stuff. probably its enough to have windows ready on there for spontaneous design stuff. and doing editing later on desktop with dualboot

@apiziali right, i dunno i didnt really considered that yet, thought it would be too slow starting up for spontaneous creativity, i will try that. thx for input

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